Beef Chilli with Jalapeño Cheddar Scones

Best chilli recipes

Whether you like it classic, Texan-style (bean-free with stewing steak), speedy and vegan (with quinoa and avo), served with cornbread, as a soup, or even served with spaghetti (trust us, it works), we’ve a chilli for you

Chilli is the perfect comfort food. From traditional slow-cooked chilli con carne to vegetarian and vegan chilli recipes, we have plenty of ideas for crowd-pleasing chillis. 


Best chilli recipes

Easy chilli con carne

Our most popular chilli con carne recipe EVER! Made Tex-Mex style with aged minced beef, chipotle powder, red wine, 70% dark chocolate and semi-dried tomatoes

Easy Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Slow cooker chilli

A bit of everything goes into this chilli to create the ultimate winter warmer – dark chocolate, lager and Worcestershire sauce along with plenty of herbs and spices. Throw all the ingredients into a slow-cooker and let the mince soak up the flavours for four hours. Serve with a jalapeño cheddar cornbread for ultimate comfort food.

Slow-Cooker Beef Chilli Recipe with Easy Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

Healthy chilli

Brisket chilli is a joy to eat. We’ve upped the veg and beans, and avoided guacamole and soured cream, to make a hearty bowl that’s a little bit healthier but just as flavourful.

Meatball chilli con carne

Take the classic chilli up a notch with beef meatballs for a comforting family meal packed with plenty of spices and peppers.

Chilli Con Carne Recipe With Meatballs

Chilli cornbread pie

Add a kick to your midweek meal with our comforting beef chilli pie complete with cornbread topping. Serve with extra jalapeños and a dollop of soured cream.

Chilli Cornbread Pie Recipe

Slow cooker bean chilli

Check out our chilli with black beans and fiery chipotle chilli paste. This veggie one-pot is an easy, low calorie recipe the whole family will love.

Chipotle Black Bean Chilli Recipe

Diner-style chilli

This quick chilli con carne recipe is based on a simple US chilli served in bars and diners in small bowls or cups. This is also a great chilli to serve in burgers, hot dogs, or over nachos. Here’s an indulgent nachos recipe for you to try…

diner chilli

Vegetarian chilli con carne

Try our simple healthy twist on a family classic, chilli con carne. This easy mushroom chilli is low in calories and gluten free too, a great midweek meal.

Healthy Mushroom Chilli with wild rice and soured cream

This recipe for Texan chilli con carne is true to the traditional style, using stewing steak instead of mince and leaving out kidney beans. Combined with the spices, it makes for a really hearty meal, and the extras of cheddar, soured cream and tortilla chips make it even better. It takes a little while to make, but it’s worth it.

Texas Red Chilli Recipe

Beef chilli with jalapeño cheddar scones

Get ahead this winter and make our super easy slow and low beef chilli recipe with crumbly cheese scones. It really is worth using dried beans as they give a much better texture, but if you want to skip that step just add two tins of rinsed black beans for the final hour of cooking. This simple beef chilli recipe makes enough to serve 10 people and it’s the perfect comfort food.

Slow and low rich beef chilli with jalapeño cheddar scones

Sweet potato chilli

This vegetarian chilli recipe makes for a great veggie alternative to chilli con carne. Our low calorie veggie chilli is under 500 calories and packed with flavour from the sweet potato and quinoa – a perfect warming midweek meal. More easy vegan dinner recipes to try here…

sweet potato chili

Black bean chilli

This black bean chilli is a great veggie crowd pleaser. Easy to whip up and full of flavour, everyone will love this tasty winter warmer. Serve with a crumbling of feta cheese for extra comfort.

Chilli non-carne soup

Check out our punchy vegetarian chilli soup, made with kidney beans and crunchy veggies. This easy recipe is packed with flavour and ready in less than an hour. Serve with homemade garlic bread for dipping.

Cincinnati chilli

This recipe from Felicity Cloake is chilli con carne, but not as we know it. Thought to owe its unusual Mediterranean spicing to a homesick Greek restaurateur, the finely ground meat is simmered low and slow until it melts in the mouth and served over spaghetti. Order it ‘five ways’ and you’ll get beans, cheese and onions on top, too.

cincinati Chilli 5 ways

Turkey chilli

This turkey chilli is a good way of using up cooked meat over the holidays – chicken or ham would work nicely as well. The chipotle paste and smoked paprika gives this a lovely smoky, but not too hot, chilli flavour. Use your turkey leftovers in these recipes…

Turkey Chilli Recipe

Classic chilli con carne

Our take on the family classic, chilli con carne. This recipe is packed full of flavour with subtle hints of spice (plus it’s great for freezing). Serve with steamed rice and a dollop of natural yogurt.


Butternut squash chilli with quinoa

Our vegetarian chilli made with butternut squash is the meat-free version you’ve been looking for. Butternut squash is mixed with quinoa, tomatoes and kidney beans to make this quick chilli recipe.

butternut squash chilli