Looking for burrata recipes? Want new ways to serve burrata? We have some great ideas, from salads to starters and even pizza.


Best burrata recipes

Burrata with sweet and sour spring veg

A fresh and colourful way to eat burrata. Sit that creamy cheese on top of pickled asparagus, baby carrots, radishes and more, then drizzle the whole lot with olive oil.

Burrata with sweet and sour spring veg

Burrata with savoury granola

Check out this super simple burrata recipe. The creamy cheese pairs perfectly with crunchy savoury granola, spiced with cumin seeds and smoked paprika.

Burrata Cheese Recipe with Savoury Granola

Burrata and tomato salad

Creamy burrata and sweet, ripe tomatoes are paired with a punchy dressing of olive brine, lemon and black pepper to make this simple, summery side.

A white oval platter filled with burrata, olives and tomato salad on a whitewashed wooden background

Grilled peaches with burrata

Juicy peaches give a sweet contrast to creamy burrata and salty serrano ham in this showstopping summer salad.

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A grey plate topped with green leaves, orange peaches and a ball of white cheese

Burrata, pea gazpacho and vignarola salad

Check out this burrata, pea gazpacho and vignarola salad from Eusebi Deli. The burrata is creamy and soft and the gazpacho is light and refreshing.

Burrata, Pea Gazpacho and Vignarola Salad Recipe

Tomato salad with burrata and warm 'nduja dressing

With the spice of the 'nduja, the crunch and freshness of the vibrant tomatoes and creamy, indulgent burrata, this fresh tomato salad is a great starter for summer meals.

Tomato Salad Recipe with Burrata

Saucy meatballs with burrata and pesto

Top our homemade meatballs with burrata – it pairs a treat with the rich, garlicky tomato sauce. A comforting dish for the whole family.

Saucy Meatballs Recipe With Burrata And Pesto

Burrata with grilled nectarines, chilli and mint

Creamy soft burrata works perfectly with the smooth succulence of nectarines here. Chilli adds a slight kick and the mint keeps it fresh. The perfect summer starter!

Grilled Peaches

Burrata with butter lettuce and caper dressing

Burrata has a lovely luxurious texture, and this butter lettuce with burrata and caper dressing is a great, simple way to make the most of it.

butter lettuce with burrata

Burrata, romesco and red chilli

Edinburgh's Noto effortlessly crafts a no-cook festive starter by combining creamy burrata with a Spanish romesco sauce, enhanced with a kick from gochujang.

A whole burrata ball on a small serving plate with romesco pepper underneath it and on top

Beef crudo with burrata, basil and grapes

This beef crudo makes an easy lunch. It's low-calorie but the silky, loose-textured burrata makes it feel luxurious.

beef crudo with grapes and burrata

Burrata-topped green gazpacho with prosciutto

Check out this vibrant gazpacho recipe with burrata. Its punchy flavour will fully develop once it's had time to chill. You could use red tomatoes, but you won’t get as vivid a colour.

Green Gazpacho Recipe with Burrata and Prosciutto

Burrata, red rice and kale salad with beets

Check out this hearty vegetarian salad with creamy burrata, crunchy kale and red rice. This recipe serves four and it's low in calories, making it a great midweek family meal.

Easy Red Rice and Kale Salad with Creamy Burrata and Beetroot

Burrata with broad bean and mint panzanella

This panzanella recipe with burrata makes a great spring salad, packed with lots of delicious flavour from anchovies and capers. Serve it as a starter.

Broad Bean Panzanella Recipe

No-knead pizza with burrata and Italian sausage

This recipe for no-knead pizza with burrata is a bit of a leap of faith, but once you get used to the dough, it’s a great method to have up your sleeve.

No-Knead Pizza Dough Recipe with Sausage, Fennel and Burrata

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