We put branded products to the test so you know which ones to look out for. This month we tried different types of mature cheddar to see which came out on top.


Looking for the best cheddar to buy? Read on to find the results of our cheddar taste test. Looking for cheddar recipes? Try our best cheddar recipes.

How is mature cheddar made?

Cheddar has a long history with traditional British dishes, from sandwiches to cauliflower cheese. It’s made from milk, salt and rennet (either vegetarian or animal derived – check the label) and sometimes annatto for colour. Aging can vary from three to 24 months, which affects texture and flavour, becoming stronger the longer it’s left.

How we tasted

We tried the cheeses on their own to score for texture, crumbliness, saltiness and overall depth of flavour.

The results of the best cheddar taste test

Winner: Godminster British Mature Organic Cheddar, £3.25 (200g)

Score: 8/10

This cheddar ticked all the boxes: relatively soft and pale in colour but lovely and crumbly when sliced, and melts in the mouth when eaten. A rich, buttery texture gives way to a slight crunch of salty crystals due to the maturity, and a deep umami flavour. This cheese needs no accompaniment, it’s well balanced and full of flavour.

Godminster British Mature Organic Cheddar

Wyke Farms Mature White Cheddar, £2.60 (300g)

Score: 8/10

This cheese would be as good on a cheeseboard as in a sandwich. It slices well without crumbling, with a lovely creamy, smooth texture and a deep, rich, savoury flavour. It’s a strong cheddar without any of the bitterness that some of the other, stronger cheddars have.

A pack of Wyke Farms Mature White Cheddar cheese

Lye Cross Farm Organic Mature Cheddar, £3.60 (260g)

Score: 7/10

This one is a real tongue-tingler, with a punchy, strong, salty taste and pleasing, slightly bitter aftertaste. Smooth, firm texture and a good slicer, perfect for making cheese on toast or melted into cheese sauces to be poured over cauliflower and roasted for real depth of flavour. A good one for those who prefer cheeses on the stronger side.

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Lye Cross Farm Organic Mature Cheddar cheese

Davidstow Classic Mature Cheddar, £3.50 (350g)

Score: 7/10

Gorgeous bite to this cheese with a lovely, strong aftertaste. The cheese has a slight crumble when sliced and packs a real punch with savouriness and saltiness. We liked the packaging on this, too, with its resealable pouch.

A pack of Davidstow Classic Mature Cheddar cheese

Castello Tickler Mature, £4.20 (350g)

This cheese has a slightly waxy texture that would lend itself to cheese and pickle sandwiches, or grated over jacket potatoes. It has a rich, creamy flavour and milder aftertaste which makes this a good all-rounder.


Score: 6/10

Castello Tickler Mature Cheese

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