Six different bottles of oat milk all in a row

Best oat milk taste test

Find out which oat milk to buy after our expert taste test, plus see our cooking tips and recommendations

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We put branded products to the test so you know which ones to look out for. This month, we tried different types of oat milk to see which came out on top.


Looking for the best oat milk to buy? Read on to find the results of our oat milk taste test. Want to try other plant-based milks? Click here for the results of our almond milk taste test

What is oat milk?

Soaked porridge oats are blended with filtered water (and often a dash of sea salt and oil) to make a dairy-free alternative to milk that’s ideal for use in vegan baking, eating with cereal or drinking. Oat milk is also sometimes fortified with extra vitamins and minerals, and comes in different varieties: whole, semi (think of this like semi-skimmed cow’s milk), barista-style (good for foaming with a coffee machine) or UHT. With ever-increasing competition on the shelves in this area, we tried more than 20 oat milks to find the best.

How we tested

We tried the oat milks on their own and in a cup of coffee, looking for colour, consistency and creaminess.

The results of the best oat milk taste test

Winner: Oatly Oat Drink Whole, £1.80/1 litre

Score: 9/10

Creamy, smooth consistency with a really rich dairy milk flavour and no powdery aftertaste. A hint of savoury saltiness was perfect in coffee or added to desserts such as rice pudding. This was the best-tasting oat milk, with a superior flavour and versatility. We’d happily drink it on its own and in coffee – it adds great creaminess.

MOMA Oat Original, £1.50/1 litre

Score: 8/10

Slightly more watery than the others but this has a definite smooth, creamy oat flavour with a milky aftertaste. Great as an alternative to semi-skimmed cow’s milk in a cuppa.

Jörd Nordic Oat Drink, £1.80/1 litre

Score: 8/10

One of the thickest milks in consistency, this is very creamy and there’s a dash of sweetness in the aftertaste. We could imagine having this with cereal or drinking on its own.

Plenish Organic Oat Unsweetened, £1.50/1 litre

Score: 7/10

A no-nonsense oat milk with no oil (the only one from our taste test to not contain oil), so it’s slightly more watery in consistency but it makes up for that in flavour. Fairly transparent in a glass but great for smoothies or cereal. No artificial sweetness or chemical aftertaste, which we found in a few during tasting.

Provamel Organic-Bio Oat, £1.89/1 litre

Score: 6/10

Quite watery but with a nice, smooth finish and no chemical aftertaste. Tastes like good-quality oats with a refreshingly lovely nutty flavour – a good alternative to skimmed cow’s milk if you prefer a lighter, less creamy milk for adding to teas or coffees.

Minor Figures Barista Oat, £1.80/1 litre

Score: 6/10

Very pale white in comparison to the others, with a very milky smell. This would be great in a classic cup of coffee or to drink on its own.