Five different jars of strawberry jam

Best strawberry jam taste test

Find out which strawberry jam to buy after our expert taste test. Plus, see our cooking tips and easy strawberry jam recipes

We put branded products to the test so you know which ones to look out for. This month, find out which strawberry jam came out on top.

Once you’ve picked your favourite salted butter, spread on a slice of bread using one of our best bread recipes.

What to look out for

Strawberry jam may seem like an everyday ingredient with little to compare, but sugar content can vary a lot, as can texture and consistency. Check the quantity of fruit per 100g sugar on the label – it varies from around 50g to 70g. The less fruit, the sweeter the jam, and most will have added pectin to help set it. The higher the amount of fruit, the darker and more concentrated the fruit flavour will be. To make your own jam, check out our strawberry jam recipe, or look for more of our jam recipes here.

How we tested

We tried all of the jams on their own, looking out for aromas, consistency, balance of sweetness and overall flavour.

The results for the best strawberry jam taste test

Winner: Stokes strawberry extra jam, £3.45/340g

Score: 9/10

There was a lovely set to this jam, thick enough to generously spread over toast but not too firm. A pleasing soft texture, with whole fruits that have nicely melted into the jam. It has a gorgeously rich berry flavour and nice sweetness without being cloying. You can taste the delicacy of the fruit with the occasional pop of crunch from a seed. Perfect for the breakfast table with croissants.

Daylesford Organic strawberry jam, £3.20/227g

Score: 8/10

Thick set with chunky pieces of fruit, and a deep, dark red colour with a glossy finish. There’s a good balance between sugar and acidity from Sicilian lemon juice, and the strawberry flavour is quite concentrated, reminiscent of fruit leather, with deep caramel undertones rather than fresh fruit flavour. This had the highest fruit content with 70g of fruit per 100g of sugar.

Fearne & Rosie reduced sugar strawberry jam, £2.50/227g

Score: 7/10

A really interesting jam with more fruit than sugar. It tastes really clean with a fresh flavour of strawberry that’s not overly sweet, and more of a thinner, puréed fruit texture. There’s nice crunch from the seeds if you like that in jam, but the floral strawberry aroma as soon as you crack the lid is what won us over and the lovely sweet/sour contrast from the flavour.

Bonne Maman strawberry conserve, £2.60/370g

Score: 7/10

Possibly what nostalgia tastes like – very sweet, perfect for cutting through clotted cream on scones. With a lovely texture from the whole fruit and a classic fruit flavour, this is ideal for spooning as it has quite a soft set.

St Dalfour strawberry fruit spread, £2.30/284g

Score: 7/10

Although not called a jam, this is perfect for those who want a less sweet and a more rounded flavour. This is interestingly sweetened with fruit juices such as grape and date concentrates rather than sugar, so it’s gently cooked to hold the fruit’s natural flavour. A good one to look out for if you like big chunky pieces of fruit.