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Four different jars of lemon curd

Best lemon curd taste test

Published: March 22, 2022 at 4:24 pm

Smooth, glossy and rich with sharp citrus flavour, discover the best lemon curd to buy, as decided in our expert taste test

We put branded products to the test so you know which ones to look out for. This month, we tried different types of lemon curd to see which came out on top.


Looking for the best lemon curd to buy? Read on to find the results of our lemon curd taste test. Looking for lemon curd recipes? Try our best lemon cake recipes.

What is lemon curd?

A mixture of lemon juice, sugar, egg yolks and butter that's slowly heated until thickened, then cooled to make a smooth, glossy, rich condiment. It usually has a sharp, citrussy flavour, and can also be made with other citrus fruits, such as lime or grapefruit. Fold into whipped cream and layer with blueberries and meringues for an easy dessert, or make your own and spoon over buttered crumpets using our easy lemon curd recipe.

How we tasted

We tried the curds on their own to check the balance of lemon and sugar, also checking for consistency and texture.

The results of the best lemon curd taste test

Winner: Tiptree lemon curd, £2.50 (312g), Ocado

Score: 9/10

One of the softer lemon curds we tried, with a really homemade flavour. It's full of citrus punch, but has an intense, creamy aftertaste – it’s made with egg yolks along with whole free-range eggs for extra richness. Perfect for spooning over sponges, using in trifles or spreading over toast. Hits a great balance of sweet and sharp.

A jar of Tiptree Lemon Curd

Mackays lemon curd, £3.99 (340g), Amazon

Score: 8/10

A really smooth, creamy curd with lots of butteriness and richness on the finish, a juicy lemon flavour and no bitterness. It’s very thick in texture, so we would spread this over buttered crumpets or swirl into cream for a zesty pudding.

A jar of Mackays Lemon Curd

Roots & Wings organic lemon curd, £3.35 (300g), Ocado

Score: 8/10

A thick curd with a caramel-like texture – it's the darkest in colour of the curds we tried. It’s very creamy, made with Sicilian lemons for natural sweetness and has lots of juiciness that cuts through the sugar. There’s a lovely balance to this very rich-tasting curd.

A jar of Roots & Wings Organic Lemon Curd

Stokes lemon curd, £3.45 (315g), Ocado

Score: 7/10

Very thick in texture and pithy in flavour, the bitterness balances with the sugar well. Made with free-range eggs, this is a very zesty curd, with more bitterness and zest than the others. Great for baking or using in sweeter desserts, such as pavlovas or eton mess.

More like this
A jar of Stokes Lemon Curd

Bonne Maman lemon curd, £2.60 (360g), Sainsbury's

Score: is 6/10

This is very smooth, with a drizzling consistency. Slightly sweeter than the other lemon curds we tried and not as creamy as some, but still with a smooth, glossy texture and zesty finish.

A jar of Bonne Maman lemon curd

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