We put branded products to the test so you know which ones to look out for. This month we tried different types of dark chocolate to see which came out on top.


Looking for the best dark chocolate to buy? Read on to find the results of our dark chocolate taste test. Looking for dark chocolate recipes? Try our best dark chocolate recipes.

We selected all of the top brands of dark chocolate, with cocoa solids of around 70% and no added flavourings.

How we tasted

We love dark chocolate at olive, so we tried each chocolate on its own and looked for how it melted in the mouth, the balance of bitterness, fruitiness and sweetness, whether it had pronounced flavours and also the length of flavour.

The results of the best dark chocolate taste test

Winner: Original Beans Organic 75% Dark, £4.95 (70g)

Score: 9/10

This is deeply fruity with cherry notes, smokiness, sweetness, bitterness, umami – the works. Each bite provides a new flavour to unpack. But as well as being deep, dark and complex, it is balanced and utterly delicious.

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A pink bar of Original Beans Organic Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and Love Organic Rich Dark 71%, £3.50 (80g)

Score: 8/10

This tasted like blackberries! An incredibly fruity chocolate with rounded bitterness and a roasted flavour. Great mouthfeel and a great length to the flavour. A top choice for fruity choc lovers.

A bar of Chocolate and Love Organic Rich Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Intense Dark, £2 (100g)

Score: 8/10

A great chocolate for those moving up from the world of milk to the complexities of dark. Deep caramel and coffee flavour with a little more sugar than others to round out any intense fruitiness or bitterness. A great melter in the mouth, too.

A bar of Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Intense Dark Chocolate

Green & Black’s Velvet Edition 70% Dark Chocolate, £2 (90g)

Score: 7/10

Fruity and bitter with a balanced sweetness. It has really great snap and mouthfeel. It lacks a bit of flavour when compared to some of the big hitters in this test.

A bar of Green & Black’s Velvet Edition 70% Dark Chocolate

Montezuma’s Fitzroy Dark Chocolate, £2.60 (90g)

Score: 7/10

This has a deep, complex flavour with plenty of fruitiness at the beginning that soon mellows. Not as ‘melt in the mouth’ as others but unarguably delicious.

A bar of Montezuma’s Fitzroy Dark Chocolate bar

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