Smoked haddock and cheddar jackets

Best cheddar recipes

Use this iconic cheese in our comforting recipes, from cheddar and pecan scones to cottage pies with cheesy mash and even savoury flapjacks

Looking for cheddar recipes? Make creamy risottos oozing with cheese, mac ‘n’ cheese laden with crisp fromage, or smoked haddock jackets stuffed with cheddar. Try our blue cheese recipes here and our goat’s cheese recipes too.


Cheddar recipes

Classic mac ’n’ cheese

Everyone’s favourite cheesy dish: this warming comfort food classic only requires five ingredients, including a generous sprinkle of cheddar cheese baked until golden and crisp on top.

Cheddar and pecan scones

These nutty savoury scones are levelled up with plenty of cheddar. Whip up a batch for an easy weekend treat.

Bacon, cheddar and leek quiche

Streaky bacon, soft leeks and plenty of cheddar makes an easy yet magical flavour combination in a crowd-pleasing quiche – perfect for a light lunch with a salad.

Cottage pies with cheddar mash

These individual cottage pies are topped with creamy cheddar mash, perfect when you’re in the mood to cuddle-up with a bowl of cheesy carbs.

Smoked haddock and cheddar jackets

As the days get shorter and the nights become cooler, warm up with baked potatoes loaded with cheddar, smoked haddock and spring onions.

Cheddar soda bread with spring onion butter

Whip up a batch of cheesy cheddar soda bread for lunch, served with lashings of homemade spring onion butter for extra indulgence.

Celeriac and cheddar soup

A bowl of warming celeriac and cheddar soup, served with a scattering of crunchy thyme croutons, makes for an impressive lunch or lighter dinner for up to six people.

Celeriac Soup Recipe With Cheddar

Cheddar and leek flapjacks

Put a cheddar twist on a classic sweet treat with these unique savoury flapjacks. A wholesome snack that would go well with a bowl of soup or as a post-workout energy bar.

Cheddar and spring onion risotto

This creamy risotto oozes with mature cheddar cheese and is topped with vibrant pan-fried cherry tomatoes.

Slow-cooker chilli with cheddar cornbread

The ultimate winter warmer: serve a batch of our slow-cooked chilli with a loaf of cheesy cheddar cornbread for a comforting family meal.