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Best sustainable kitchenware

Published: December 17, 2021 at 12:10 pm

Swap clingfilm for beeswax wraps and coffee cups for reusable flasks with our guide to the best sustainable kitchen products

Switch up your plastic products, harsh chemicals and single-use items for sustainable and eco-friendly staples. With items such as plastic straws being banned and plastic bags coming at a cost - both for the consumer and the planet - we have compiled our list of alternative kitchenware to inspire a more climate-friendly way of storing, cooking and cleaning up your food.


Kitchenware is used constantly, so making sustainable choices in the kitchen matters more. Materials such as glass and stainless steel are not only more eco-conscious but more hygienic. Our selection highlights practical and easy-to-use items that can be used over and over again, from eco-friendly clingfilm to cutlery to take on the go with you. Save time and money in the long term with single purchases that are durable and often portable.

For a more in-depth guide to greener kitchen practices, tune into olive magazine's podcast Green Kitchen Series with episodes on how to shop more sustainably, conscious cooking and how to have a more sustainable kitchen practice. For sustainable drinking, take a look at the best sustainable spirits to try.

Multicoloured Reusable Glass Straws, £10, Oliver Bonas

Swap single-use plastic straws for these funky glass alternatives to make your drinks more eco-friendly. Each pack comes with a cotton brush for easy cleaning.

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A set of colourful glass straws

Chilly’s Reusable Water Bottle, from £20, John Lewis

Whether you’re on a train, plane or simply going for a stroll, packing a reusable water bottle will save you picking up a plastic one. These Chilly’s bottles come in funky prints and finishes (think giraffe and chrome rose gold), plus double-walled vacuum insulation keeps the temperature consistent – hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. A leak-proof, screw-top lid means you can carry it in your bag without risking a spillage.

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A selection of colourful reuseable water bottles

Cotton food wraps, £16,Waxwrap

There’s no need for clingfilm once you invest in these food wraps. Handmade from organic cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin, these malleable wraps act as a seal around food to keep it fresh. The pack comes with three rolls of different sizes and we love the colourful patterns – much cheerier than clingfilm. Use to keep anything from blocks of cheese to sandwiches or bowls of leftovers protected.

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Kilner Round Clip Top Jars, £33.40, Amazon

Started shopping at refill stores? Take your Kilner jar along to stock up on seeds, nuts and breakfast cereals. These glass jars store up to two litres, making them ideal for dried goods or, thanks to that rubber sealing ring and clip-top lid, perfect if you want to start making your own kombucha.

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A large glass jar

Black+Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Planet Organic

Pack your dinner leftovers and sourdough sarnies into this stainless steel lunchbox with a compartment divider. A silicone seal prevents leaks, while the sleek strap keeps everything in place.

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A silver lunch box with an orange strap around the box

Fearn Eco Friendly Cling Film, £3.89 for 30m, Nature's Healthbox

Made from sugar cane, this entirely sustainable Fearn clingfilm uses the left-over waste from sugar production to make a PVC plastic and BPA-free clingfilm. Fully recyclable, this eco-friendly clingfilm can be used just like the regular kind.

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fearn eco cling film

Joseph Joseph GoEat Cutlery Set, £14, John Lewis

Whether you’re eating lunch on the go or planning a picnic, pack this portable cutlery set complete with knife, fork and spoon. It helpfully comes with a silicone carry case to keep them clean.

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A set of cutlery including a fork, knife and spoon in silver with a teal green spoon-shaped case

Lékué Reusable Food Bags, £12 for 1L capacity, Selfridges

Lékué’s reusable food bags are crafted from 100% platinum long-lasting silicone. They're airtight, which not only ensures no accidental leakage or smells, but means you can assuredly store liquid foods such as gravy. Microwavable, freeze-able and dishwasher proof, these innovative food bags are easy to use and easy to clean.

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Washing up Powder, £12.99 for 500g, Ecovibe

Cut through dirt on kitchenware, including glassware, with this lemon fragranced washing up powder that is packaged in recyclable and compostable paper. Simply use a teaspoon or so with some hot water to activate the sodium minerals and essential oils, leaving immaculate dishes without the use of harsh chemicals.

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KeepCup Cork Brew Reusable Glass Coffee Cup, £23, John Lewis

This simple, functional cup is made from durable tempered soda lime glass, with a protective recycled cork band. Even with piping-hot coffee inside it’s easy to hold and retains heat well, making it ideal for your morning cuppa.

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A reusable glass cup with cork strap around the centre

Compostable sponges, £3.99, Ecovibe

Ecovibe’s compostable sponges are made from wood fibre without any microplastics. Made in the UK, they have a low carbon footprint and work well on everyday spills and bathroom surfaces, absorbing up to 10 times their own weight in water.

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Uashmama Washable Paper Bag, £13.50, The Future Kept

Want some stylish yet sustainable storage for your home? These 100% washable paper bags made in Tuscany are ideal for storing anything from laundry to loaves of bread.

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Paper bags filled with plants and kitchen utensils

Magic Reusable Non-Stick Baking Tray Liner Sheet, £10.99, Lakeland

Superior to the average baking paper and even other silicone sheets, this non-stick liner cuts easily to fit your moulds and trays. Save money by reusing these tray liners countless of times. They can be wiped clean or even slotted into the dishwasher.

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E-cloth General Purpose Cloth, £14.98 pack of four, John Lewis

This general purpose cloth needs only water, not chemicals, to clean thanks to its tiny fibres that catch dust and dirt. Colour-coded, you can avoid any mix up and keep cloths for different areas of the house.

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Silicone Cupcake Cases, £4.99 for a pack of six, Lakeland

Flexible and non-stick, these reusable silicone cupcake cases are oven safe up to 220C and can be put in the dishwasher.

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