A wooden box lined with a paper sleeve topped with six mince pies that are topped with flaked almonds

Best luxury mince pie taste test

Our mission: to find the best luxury mince pies available in the UK. Here are the results of our expert taste test, just in time for Christmas

Looking for the best mince pies to serve to guests this Christmas? Read on to find the results of our mince pie taste test.


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How the best luxury mince pie taste test worked

Six members of the olive team conducted a blind taste test to find the most flavoursome luxury mince pies. We tasted eight mince pies from various brands. The group choose a first place winner for traditional and non-traditional mince pies, and then other alternatives that we tried.

The results for the best mince pie taste test

Winner: Dunn’s bakery traditional shortcrust mince pies

About the mince pies: Dunn’s bakery have been baking in Crouch End since 1820. These mince pies have a shortcrust pastry and a sweet mincemeat filling, using a recipe that has been passed down through the generations.

Comments: These winning mince pies had a crisp yet crumbly pastry with a sugary crust. They had a generous plump filling and looked charmingly homemade.

Price: £8/8 mince pies, dunns-bakery.co.uk

Dunn's bakery mince pies

Best alternative mince pies

Winner: Richard Bertinet’s mince pies

About the mince pies: These mince pies are made in Bath and have a filling of mincemeat and rum, topped with frangipane and flaked almonds.

Comments: These were the best non-traditional mince pies we tried, with a rich almond flavour and crunchy flaked almonds on top. We loved the crisp, buttery shortcrust pastry and the beautiful presentation in a wooden box.

Price: £16.50/12 mince pies, thebertinetkitchen.com

A wooden box lined with a paper sleeve topped with six mince pies that are topped with flaked almonds

Other mince pies that we tried

Hobb’s House Bakery mince pies

About the mince pies: Hobb’s House Bakery have been making mince pies for over 30 years, and these ones are filled with mincemeat, currants, citrus peel and mixed spice.

Comments: Hobb’s House Bakery mince pies had a classic flavour and texture. The filling was juicy and plump with a nice balance surrounded by a shortcrust pastry that had a good crunch.

Price: £5.25/6 mince pies, hobbshousebakery.co.uk

A packet of six Hobb's House Bakery mince pies on a striped tea towel

Konditor and Cook

About the mince pies: These all-butter pastry mince pies have a vegetarian mincemeat filling that uses orange oil.

Comments: With a uniform filling packed with fruity mincemeat, these mince pies had a pastry case that wasn’t too thick or too thin. Their appearance is slightly different to other mince pies with a glaze on top.

Price: £15/12 mince pies, konditorandcook.com

A black plate with 10 Konditor and Kook mince pies on top, with a fork by the side on a marble background

Apley farm shop

About the mince pies: Apley farm shop in Shropshire make their mince pies with mixed fruit, sugar, brandy, suet and spices.

Comments: These mince pies looked the prettiest of them all, with the delicate crumbly pastry poinsettia on top. The filling was generously packed with mixed fruit and had a lovely gentle spice.

Price: £3.99/6 mince pies, clicboxshop.co.uk

Apley estate mince pies

Lottie Shaw’s

About the mince pies: These mince pies are filled with dried fruit, candied peel, mixed spice and orange oil. They have a festive star decoration on top.

Comments: Lottie Shaw’s mince pies had a plump, juicy filling packed with lots of dried fruit surrounded by a thick pastry crust. If you like lots of pastry these are the ones for you.

Price: £3.20/4 mince pies, lottieshaws.co.uk

mince pies on marble plan view

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Mince pies with shortbread pastry


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