Looking for easy Christmas party food to make the festive season that bit easier this year? Check out the best supermarket Christmas food for Christmas dinner ideas and festive entertaining.


From Christmas cake and mince pies, to easy finger food and show stopping Christmas desserts, we’ve got it covered.

If you are making your own Christmas party food, check out our guide to the best Christmas canapés here.

Best supermarket Christmas cake

Gold: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference falling leaves iced fruit cake, £15/1.3kg

With good chunks of nuts and fruit, and a classy decoration, this moist cake also has the perfect proportion of booze.

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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference falling leaves iced fruit cake

Silver: Waitrose Entertaining Fiona Cairns chocolate fruitcake, £30

A modern twist on a Christmas cake with a rich cocoa background flavour and bursts of juicy fruit – we love the simple yet showstopping decoration, too.

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Best supermarket prosecco

Gold: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Conegliano prosecco, £10/75cl

With delicate bubbles, a smooth mouthfeel and the longest finish of all we tasted, this is a prosecco that everyone will love.

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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Conegilano prosecco

Silver: M&S Nella prosecco, £8/75cl

With strong pear notes, this is a classic-tasting prosecco with big bubbles and buttery notes.

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Bronze: Asda Extra Special prosecco Asolo brut DOCG, £8/75cl

We loved the tropical lychee notes from this bargain bottle.

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Best supermarket seafood centrepiece

Gold: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference dressed poached side of salmon, £20/700g

Tender poached salmon with a beautifully pure flavour, topped with juicy prawns, smoked salmon and cream cheese, make this a low-maintenance, big-impact centrepiece to serve to a crowd.

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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference dressed poached side of salmon

Silver: Booths salmon, prawn and dill terrine, £18/600g

We loved the balance of rich cream cheese, dill, juicy salmon and chunks of prawns in this ready-made terrine. Serve with hot toast as a Christmas Day starter or with posh crackers for a Boxing Day buffet.

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Best supermarket smoked salmon

Gold: Waitrose 1 chestnut-smoked Scottish salmon, £5.99/100g

With a gentle smoke, silky texture and a nice bit of bite, this smoked salmon will be perfect with a glass of buck’s fizz on Christmas morning.

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Waitrose 1 chestnut-smoked Scottish salmon

Silver: Co-op Irresistible beech-and-oak-smoked salmon, £4/100g

This is a great, traditional-style smoked salmon, with a really pleasing thickness and appealing drier texture.

Bronze: Asda Extra Special heather honey and black pepper smoked salmon, £3.99/120g

Something a little bit different – a lovely soft and tender texture, and decent peppery flavour.

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Best supermarket Christmas ham

Gold: Waitrose Entertaining sweet-cured tamarind and pomegranate easy-carve gammon, £11.99/1-1.5kg

This impressive joint stood out a mile for our judges, with its sweet, caramelised glaze, well-seasoned and juicy meat, with great pork flavour. It’s a must-buy – just be sure to save some for your Boxing Day sarnie.

Waitrose Entertaining sweet-cured tamarind and pomegranate easy-carve gammon

Best supermarket pigs in blankets

Gold: Aldi Specially Selected Three Little Pigs, £2.99/288g

Three for the price of one with these juicy sausage bundles! We loved the Christmassy sage and onion flavour, and sweet, caramelised bacon.

Aldi Specially Selected three little pigs, pigs in blankets

Silver: Booths Lakeland pigs in blankets, £4/250g

Classic pigs in blankets with good porky flavour and a great sausage-to-bacon ratio.

Best supermarket vegetarian main course for Christmas

Gold: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference truffled cauliflower cheese en croûte, £9/750g

Crisp, flaky pastry with a deeply savoury, rich cauliflower cheese centre – you’ll have the meat eaters fighting you for it.

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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference truffled cauliflower cheese en croute

Silver: Waitrose beetroot wellingtons, £6.99/2 (585g)

These vibrant vegan beetroot wellingtons – with their dramatic slice-through – are well seasoned with a deep earthy flavour, emphasised by a layer of sliced mushrooms.

Best supermarket Christmas pudding

Gold: Tesco 12-month matured Christmas pudding, £8/907g

With plump, juicy fruit, a boozy kick and dark caramel flavour, this soft pudding is an all-round winner.

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Tesco 12-month matured Christmas pudding

Silver: M&S The Collection 12-month matured intensely fruity Christmas pudding, £8/454g

Choose this one if you want a classic, moist, well-rounded pud.

Best supermarket mince pies

Gold: Iceland Luxury mince pies, £1.89/6 (347g)

Plenty of big fat currants, tender peel and shortbread-like pastry with a lovely hint of salt – all that’s left to say about these cracking mince pies is, pass us the brandy butter!

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Iceland Luxury mince pies

Silver: Morrisons The Best deep-filled mince pies, £2/6 (weight may vary)

A grown-up pie with a brandy kick, a good mix of fruit, and golden pastry.

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Bronze: M&S Collection mince pies, £2.50/6 (318g)

A good, traditional mince pie with a jammier filling than some of the others we tasted, and a moreish, buttery pastry case.

Best supermarket panettone

Gold: Waitrose 1 classic panettone, £15/750g

A fragrant, light sponge packed with juicy raisins and a lovely glossy crust. Great fresh or toasted and slathered with chocolate spread.

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Waitrose 1 classic panettone

Best supermarket cranberry sauce

Gold: Asda Extra Special cranberry sauce with port, £1/230g

A sauce with the perfect sweet and sour balance, and boozy kick, we could eat this one straight off the spoon.

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Asda Extra Special cranberry sauce with port

Silver: Waitrose chilled cranberry and port sauce, £2.19/300g

If you’re looking for a chunkier sauce, try this one with whole cranberries and a gentle spiced flavour.

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Best supermarket cheeseboard

Gold: Waitrose 1 cheese selection, £15/500g

A must on every buffet table this Christmas, this standout cheeseboard includes a strong, crunchy Quartz cheddar, deeply flavoured stilton, sharp goat’s cheese, nutty gruyère and creamy Saint Marcellin IGP.

Waitrose 1 cheese selection

Silver: Booths award-winning cheese selection, £25/1kg

It’s hard to believe this artisan cheeseboard is from a supermarket and not a cheesemonger, with a ripe, creamy blue, fresh goat’s cheese, Montgomery cheddar, crowd-pleasing Cornish yarg and ripe brie de Meaux.

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Best supermarket dessert for Christmas

Joint gold: Co-op Irresistible white Christmas snow globe, £10/690g

With well-defined layers of crunchy biscuit and caramel, this millionaire’s shortbread-style dessert has a well-balanced sweetness.

Co-op white chocolate snow globe

Joint gold: M&S Belgian chocolate and cherry dessert, £20/1kg

One for the chocolate lovers – cutting through the beautiful decoration reveals pops of cherry and a rich cocoa mousse.

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Marks and Spencer Belgian chocolate and cherry dessert

Best supermarket frozen dessert

Gold: Waitrose frozen raspberry and passion fruit meringue wreath, £8/483g

Crunchy meringue filled with fresh cream and topped with sweet passion fruit and tart raspberries – that’s what you call a crowd-pleaser.

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Waitrose frozen raspberry and passion fruit meringue wreath

Silver: Iceland Luxury black forest layered pavlova, £6/567g

The on-trend black forest flavours in this pavlova are well balanced, with a satisfyingly chewy meringue and an elegant finish.

Best own-brand gin

Gold: Aldi Oliver Cromwell London dry gin, £9.99/70cl

The strong juniper notes meant this was our favourite easy-drinking gin with a smooth, rounded finish.

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Aldi Oliver Cromwell London dry gin

Silver: Co-op Irresistible London dry gin, £17.50/70cl

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, this gin has fragrant background notes of vanilla.

Best supermarket Christmas drink

Gold: Tesco Finest PX sherry, £6/37.5cl

Like Christmas pudding in a glass, this sweet sherry bursts with the flavour of juicy raisins. We’ll be sipping on this all Christmas night long.

Find Tesco PX sherry here

Tesco Finest PX sherry

Silver: Waitrose reserve tawny port from Symington Family Estates, £13.99/75cl

The deep flavour of this port leaves a smooth, lingering finish. Make sure to leave a glass out for an appreciative Mr Claus.

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Bronze: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Irish cream liqueur, £12.50/1 litre

Smooth, creamy and super indulgent, this rich tipple is incredibly drinkable.

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How we chose the best Christmas product winners

The olive team selected 16 categories (some new for this year) having researched which products you, our readers, would be most likely to buy to make Christmas entertaining hassle-free. The supermarkets then selected the products they wanted to nominate (we only allowed them one entry per category, so they had to choose carefully).

Every product was prepared according to the pack instructions – just as you would at home – and our expert panel of judges blind-tasted them, rating each on taste, texture and appearance. We then awarded gold, silver and bronze awards to our favourites – in one category, where the standard was very high, we agreed to award joint winners.


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