Turmeric Broth With Chicken And Ginger Dumplings. Bowl of turmeric broth with chicken and ginger dumplings

Best turmeric recipes: 23 delicious ideas

The benefits of turmeric are immense – it's an apparent anti-inflammatory and in the past has been used to treat everything from heartburn to bloating. Plus, it gives food such beautiful colour! Crack on with one of our quick and easy turmeric recipes today

Turmeric is incredible. Not only do most turmeric recipes have a beautiful golden shine, there are also numerous apparent health benefits associated with turmeric. It’s actually the root stalk of a tropical plant that’s part of the ginger family, and one of its main components is a substance called ‘curcumin’ – that’s the part that boasts a lot of potential healing properties. Included in that is turmeric’s supposed anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting powers, prompting some to hail it as a combatant against bloating and heartburn.


Whether it’s a superfood or not, there’s no denying how great turmeric recipes are. We’ve found our favourite 24, including Indian-spiced bream; prawn and pumpkin curry; Persian rice with lamb; and curried cauliflower rice. Just remember to take care with your turmeric – it will stain your clothes if you’re not careful! (Although a little fresh lemon juice squeezed on to the stain and left for 15 minutes, then a go in the washing machine should do the trick).

Although this soup is rustic and chunky, you may prefer it smoother. If so, simply blitz it in a blender. Moong dal are easy to cook as they don’t need prior soaking. Buy from Asian grocers or larger supermarkets.

Turmeric (organic in particular) is thought to have anti-inflamatory and immunity-boosting properties. Add it to milk, yogurt or water to make what’s known as golden milk. We’ve made it with sweet mango and subtle spices to make a chai-like lassi. Black pepper and ginger are also high in antioxidants.


Another one of our favourite recipes using turmeric  the ultimate BBQ fish recipe. Whole sea breams seasoned with turmeric, chilli, yoghurt and cumin tastes amazing after a spin on the grill.


This curry-style comfort dish is full of spice and ready in 30 minutes – perfect for satisfying last minute guests.


This recipe for turmeric and coconut paneer with charred naans will make your summer BBQ much more interesting. Use an old baking tray to cook the naans as it wont be fit for using in the oven afterwards. Alternatively, cook them in a heavy-based frying pan on the hob until golden and puffed on both sides.


This impressive prawn and pumpkin curry may look complicated, but once you have all the ingredients prepped it’s quite quick to make. Serve with steamed basmati rice and top the curry with crisp fried shallots and fried curry leaves, or fresh coriander.


Mutter paneer is a traditional north Indian curry. The texture of fresh peas stands up well against the paneer, but frozen is fine too. This can be ready in just 30 minutes, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out, even though it’s veggie. Serve it as a side curry with some naan or rice.


This multi-tasking turmeric and butter roasted cauliflower with pink pickled onions recipe works as a starter, side or veggie main served with rice.


This Persian lamb stew one-pot recipe is really easy and under 500 calories – perfect midweek comfort food.


This crusted yellow fin tuna from Anna Haugh, head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s London House, comes served with pickled beetroots and a piquant anchovy sauce. You can prepare everything a day or two beforehand, but use only the freshest tuna.


This Thai roast red duck curry is full of fresh flavours. It looks impressive on the table, but buying the curry paste ready-made makes this a really easy supper. Plus, it serves 4 for under £10.


Quick and tasty veggie curry. Cauliflower, cooked in coconut milk and plenty of authentic spices, like lemongrass, turmeric, ground coriander and ginger give it plenty of spicy flavour. Serve this meal for four to family or friends, with all the extras… rice, mango chutney, chapatis and yogurt instead of ordering a takeaway.


An inspiring dinner-party main or smart Asian-style noodle recipe for four. This pork dish is good served warm or cold. If have time, leave it to marinate overnight. Flat rice noodles are sold in most supermarkets, Blue Dragon brand is good. Serve topped with the peanut sauce and plenty of mint and coriander.


This slow-cooked Middle-Eastern lamb dish combines the dusty, sour pungency of dried limes with richer tomato. Slow-cooking is great as it requires minimal hands-on time and effort but you get great, flavourful results. The golden fried aubergine is a delicious accompaniment.

What wine to drink with Middle Eastern lamb


The best way to make a quick veggie curry. A mix between a pilaf and a curry, this pan-cooked cauli is healthy and super quick to make. Chilli gives it a kick and garam masala and coriander its Indian flavour. Top with yoghurt and more coriander to serve to deliver a meal for two that’s faster than a midweek takeaway.


London restaurant The Palomar serves shakshukit, a minced meat recipe from Jerusalem with dips of tahini, harissa, pesto and tapenade. Just add pitta to serve.


Pollock makes a great more sustainable alternative to cod and it really works in this easy Southern Indian style coconut curry. The dahl can also be eaten on its own for a spicy vegetarian main.


Aromatic basmati rice is flavoured with the juices of lamb shoulder, aubergine, plum tomatoes and combined with sultanas and turmeric.


This kichri with smoked haddock and pickled cauliflower recipe comes from Kricket, London. You can use poached eggs rather than raw egg yolks, if you like.


A quick vegetarian carrot and rice dish that everyone will love. Quick to make, just 30 minutes, it’s an easy midweek alternative to your usual meals.

chilli carrots

This turmeric chicken broth soup is under 500 calories per serving and is seriously on-trend. It’s detox-friendly and on the table in 30 minutes – plus, it’s really impressive if you’ve got friends round.

Bowl of turmeric broth with chicken and ginger dumplings

This recipe makes the lightest, most delicate and lovely little puddings! The coconut and mango combination is really refreshing and you don’t even notice it’s dairy-free because of the creaminess of the coconut cream. Also the addition of turmeric adds a zingy flavour to the dessert.

Carrot and cumin soup with fresh coriander

Turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and has been used as a culinary medicine in India for centuries. This chai tea is really simple to make and perfect if you have any leftover turmeric.

Tumeric Tea

This low calorie fish tikka with garlic, turmeric and lime is easy to make and perfect for a healthy midweek meal. Serve with fresh salad and some lime wedges to garnish.