Slow berries

What are sloe berries and where can you buy them?

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Discover what sloe berries are, where to shop for them, and how to use them in our ingredient glossary

What are sloe berries?

These blue-black berries are bitter when eaten raw but with a little sugar and time, their tartness is transformed. They are often used to infuse gin but also make excellent jellies, sauces and fruit cheese that go beautifully with game or strong cheeses such as stilton. Sloe berries can be picked from English hedgerows from October to December, or you can buy them dried online.


Where to buy sloe berries

VinClass Dried Sloes, £8.75/500g, Amazon


Sloe berry recipes

How to make sloe gin

Our mission: to find the best sloe gin available in the UK. Here are the results of our expert taste test and our recipe for how to make sloe gin.

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