Five colourful cans of cocktails

6 canned cocktails to try

From refreshing sangrias to classy rhubarb highballs, take one (or more!) of these canned cocktails to your next picnic

Looking for canned cocktails to take to a picnic? Take your pick from the below then check out our pre-bottled picnic cocktails recipe and more picnic food ideas.


Best canned cocktails

Tink & Booch, £4/250ml,

Cornish Tinkture have matched their organic rose gin with apple and elderflower kombucha and the end result is elegant and distinctive – delicately floral and tart, with an almost savoury edge. 

tink & booch

Porter’s Gin Hippy Fizz, £4/250ml,

Pineapple shrub, Porter’s gin, malted passionfruit and hop soda go into this thirst-quenchingly refreshing drink, which is packed with tropical notes, and a touch of dryness. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-07 at 11.09.43

East London Liquor Co. Vodka and Rhubarb, £2.25/250ml,

British wheat vodka cut with rhubarb soda makes for a grown-up, drinkable cocktail. Not sweet or cloying, this has a pure and puckering rhubarb flavour. 


Ace + Freak Watermelon + Cucumber Sangria, £14.95/pack of six,

Cooling cucumber and watermelon with a hint of apple is balanced by dryness from white wine. Fresh and summery, this is a perfect heatwave tipple.


Empirical Spirits CAN 02, £5.80/330ml,

The innovative Danish distillery’s first foray into canned drinks is predictably impressive, with a roster of ingredients that includes sour cherry, blackcurrant buds, young pine cones, walnut wood, black tea and maqaw pepper. Grown up and complex, expect earthy, smoky notes, dark fruit, funk and perfumed woodiness.


Yuzu + Cucumber Sparkling Sake, £4.50/250ml,


We loved this unusual offering from Peckham sake brewery Kanpai. Expect the summery, green flavour of cucumber, subtle floral sharpness from the yuzu and an underlying funk from the sake. Sparkling and super refreshing, this is a good alternative to a Hendrick’s G&T.