Looking for canned cocktails to take to a picnic? Take your pick from the below then check out our pre-bottled picnic cocktails recipe and more picnic food ideas. For summer sipping, check out the best summer wines to buy.


Best canned cocktails at a glance

  • Best canned margarita: MOTH Margarita, £3.95
  • Best canned gin fizz: Porter’s Gin Hippy Fizz, £4
  • Best canned cocktail for picnics: East London Liquor Co. Vodka and Rhubarb, £39 for 12 cans
  • Best canned sangria: Ace + Freak Watermelon + Cucumber Sangria, £21 for 6 cans
  • Best canned sparkling sake: Kanpai Yuzu + Cucumber Sparkling Sake, £4
  • Best canned seltzer: Something & Nothing Yuzu Seltzer, £24.25 for 12 cans
  • Best canned energy drink: Virtue Clean Energy Drinks, £5 for 4 cans
  • Best alcohol-free canned gin and tonic: Gordon’s 0.0% & Tonic, £2

Best canned cocktails to buy 2024

MOTH Margarita

A can of MOTH Margarita

Best canned margarita

A new trend we've noticed in canned cocktails is the emergence of dinky tins of booze-forward drinks that you'd typically sip at rather than gulp. This canned margarita is a great example – at just 125ml it's got the zesty, refreshingly sharp flavours of a classic marg, but at a much more sessional 14.9% ABV. Do check out the other cocktails in the range, particularly the old fashioned with its aromatic coffee notes, and a floral negroni.

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Porter’s Gin Hippy Fizz

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Best canned gin fizz

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Pineapple shrub, Porter’s gin, malted passionfruit and hop soda go into this thirst-quenchingly refreshing drink, which is packed with tropical notes, and a touch of dryness.

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East London Liquor Co. Vodka and Rhubarb


Best canned cocktail for picnics

British wheat vodka cut with rhubarb soda makes for a grown-up, drinkable cocktail. Not sweet or cloying, this has a pure and puckering rhubarb flavour.

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Ace + Freak Watermelon + Cucumber Sangria


Best canned sangria

Cooling cucumber and watermelon with a hint of apple is balanced by dryness from white wine. Fresh and summery, this is a perfect heatwave tipple.

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Kanpai Yuzu + Cucumber Sparkling Sake


Best canned sparkling sake

We loved this unusual offering from Peckham sake brewery Kanpai. Expect the summery, green flavour of cucumber, subtle floral sharpness from the yuzu and an underlying funk from the sake. Sparkling and super refreshing, this is a good alternative to a Hendrick’s G&T.

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Something & Nothing Yuzu Seltzer

Something & Nothing Yuzu Seltzer

Best canned seltzer

We loved the delicate citrus and floral notes in this grown-up soft drink – if you do want to add alcohol, try gin or sparkling wine for a spritz-style cocktail.

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Virtue Clean Energy Drinks

Four cans with fresh fruit scattered round

Best canned energy drink

There’s plenty going on in these refreshing, non-alcoholic alternatives to a G&T in a can. Soft peach flavour with a raspberry finish balances the sparkling, viscous mouthfeel from the agave and yerba mate in our pick of the range. These naturally caffeinated drinks are all packed with antioxidants from the South American super-leaf yerba mate, as well as containing zero sugar and zero calories. The ideal summer picnic alternative.

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Gordon’s 0.0% & Tonic

Gordon's 0.0% & Tonic

Best alcohol-free canned gin and tonic

We loved the vibrant lime notes and grown-up, subtle bitterness of this G&T alternative – perfect for a picnic.

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