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Best savoury gins

Bold and aromatic, savoury gins work beautifully in everything from G&Ts to martinis and negronis, and they’re a great option if you’re looking for an alternative to sweeter, fruitier gins

Explore our favourite savoury gins below, and for more gin recommendations check out our guides for best British gins, best international gins and best flavoured gins


Best savoury gins to try

Portobello Road Savoury Gin, £35.95/70cl, Master of Malt

Inspired by the botanicals of Corsica, this gorgeously packaged gin features botanicals of rosemary, basil, bergamot and green olive, as well as a tiny pinch of sea salt. It delivers exactly what the name suggests, deliciously savoury, dry and headily herbaceous, with accompanying hits of juniper and citrus. It’s perfect for a holiday-themed G&T – garnish with a wedge of citrus and a sprig of rosemary, take a sip and pretend you’re on a sun-drenched terrace by the Mediterranean.


Audemus Spirits Umami Oak Finished Gin, £34.95/50cl, The Whisky Exchange

Named after the fifth taste – umami savouriness – this gin may be a Marmite affair for those with a sweeter tooth, but we loved it. With some out-there botanicals including Italian capers and Parmigiano Reggiano, it could easily have been over the top, but instead this is a moreishly savoury gin with a subtle briny twang and woody notes that come from ageing in ex-cognac barrels.

A bottle of Audemus Umami Gin

Gin Mare, Spain, £38.25/70cl, The Whisky Exchange

With rosemary, thyme, olive and basil included in the botanical line up, this savoury, herbaceous Spanish number evokes Mediterranean summer like no other gin. Serve in a copa de balon glass with plenty of ice for ultimate holiday vibes.

Gin Mare Bottle

Bullards Coastal Gin, £38.95, Master of Malt

Inspired by the Norfolk coastline, this is the gin equivalent to a fresh sea breeze, with a subtle salty, savoury profile and complex notes of sea vegetables, citrus and fennel. We were also impressed with their eco-friendly refill service, which offers 700ml pouches of gin to top bottles back up (and you can post the pouch back to Bullards free of charge for recycling).

A bottle of Bullards Coastal Gin

Fishers Gin, £39.95/70cl, 31 Dover

This unusual gin features a host of rare botanicals foraged on the Suffolk coast. Herbaceous and subtly saline on the nose (we were reminded of sea vegetables), it’s slightly sweeter to taste, with aromatic cardamom notes.

A bottle of Fishers gin on a pebbly beach

VII Hills Italian Dry Gin, £31.29/70cl, Amazon

Expect headily herbal, almost vegetal aromas and subtle citrus flavours from this unconventional Italian gin, which its makers claim is the ideal gin for a negroni.

Seven Hills Gin Bottle

Dà Mhìle Seaweed Gin, £28.80, Master of Malt

As well as its subtle green colour, hand-foraged seaweed adds a salty, funky edge to this offbeat gin. It’s super-smooth and fresh, with notes of mint that tingle on the tongue. The gin’s full-bodied nature means it would hold its own in a dirty martini, served with oysters for an extra briny hit.

Dha Mile Seaweed Gin

Pollination Gin, £34.95, Master of Malt

Featuring a complex blend of 29 different botanicals from the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere, this award-winning gin has a headily herbaceous, floral profile – think wildflower meadow on a summer’s day. Use in a gimlet.

Pollination Gin

Black Powder Flintlock Navy Strength Gin, £49.95, Master of Malt

This award-winning, punchy gin (60% ABV!) packs in flavour, with bold, peppery spice and a savoury edge

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