Four bottles of pink gin lined up in a row

Who makes the best pink gin?

Want to add a touch of blush to your weekend gin fix? We searched the country for the best pink gins and tasted them blind to find the winner

Looking for the best pink gins to buy? Read on to find the results of our pink gin taste test. Want to try more gins? Click here for our round up of the best British gins.


After, make your own pink gin with our rhubarb gin recipe. 

How the best pink gin taste test worked

Four members of the olive team conducted a blind taste test to find the best pink gins, awarding gold, silver and bronze awards to the ones we were most impressed with. Entries all had to be pink in colour, but could be either sweet or dry, flavoured or classic in taste.

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The results for the best pink gin taste test

Joint gold: Chase Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo Gin

Comments: Created by distilling Chase gin with grapefruit and pomelo peel, this is a super-fragrant spirit, full of zesty tartness and well-balanced bitter notes.


A pretty pink bottle with dark pink floral design on the front

Joint gold: Chapel Down Pinot Noir Gin

Comments: Produced using distilled pinot noir grape skins left over from vineyard Chapel Down’s grape harvest, this is a smooth, juniper-led number that has a delicate nose and a rounded flavour with light fruit and vanilla notes. One to choose if you prefer a classic gin rather than a flavoured one.


A long pink frosted glass bottle with pink gin inside

Silver: Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

Comments: Sweet enough to treat more like a liqueur, this had an appealing sweet-shop-like rhubarb and custard character, with subtle ginger heat. Enjoy served neat, over ice.


A pink bottle of gin with a dark pink cap

Bronze: Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin

Comments: A berry-led gin with prominent strawberry flavours, this had a dessert-like aroma and a syrupy mouthfeel – best for those who like their pink gins super sweet.


A long pink bottle of gin

Other pink gins we tried

J.J Whitley Pink Cherry Gin, £24.99/70cl;

Whitley Neill Pink Grapefruit Gin, £20/70cl; Asda

Limehouse Pink Gin, £17/70cl; Tesco

Adnams Raspberry Pink Gin, £29.99;

Mistral Gin, £23/50cl; Tesco


Warner’s Rhubarb Gin, £38/70cl;