Looking for the best bottled cocktails to try? Premium pre-bottled cocktails have become increasingly popular as a way for us to enjoy our favourite drinks readymade, with minimal fuss and kit needed.


Here are some of our favourites and, if you’re inspired to make your own, try our recipe for a pre-bottled dirty martini. You can also order drinks online and explore our favourite online bottle shops to stock up your home bar.

Best bottled cocktails at a glance

  • Best zesty bottled magarita: World of Zing Persian Lime and Nori Margarita, £21.99
  • Best bottled mai tai: Tom Savano Caribbean Mai Tai, £18.83
  • Best bottled paloma: Black Lines Paloma, £19
  • Best bottled gin cocktail: No 3 Last Word, £29.24
  • Best vodka negroni: Black Cow Vodka Negroni, £28
  • Best bottled daiquiri: The Umbrella Project Banana Daiquiri, £16
  • Best bottled virgin mary: Longbottom Virgin Mary, £1.80
  • Best clear bottled margarita: Mirror Margarita, £25
  • Best Campari bottled cocktail: Campari Soda, £10.95
  • Best chilli bottled margarita: Pimentae Tommy's Chilli Margarita, £29.95
  • Best bottled cocktails for parties: Soho Street cocktails, £24.06
  • Best bottled cocktail subscription: Charlie's Classic Cocktails, £35 a month
  • Best classic negroni: Primo Aperitivo Negroni, £26.89
  • Best bottled manhattan: The Moore House Cocktail Company Manhattan, £27.35
  • Best bottled negroni mixed by bar tenders: Bar Termini Negroni Bergamot, £36.95
  • Best spicy bottled margarita: Black Lines Spicy Tommy's Margarita, £18.27

Best bottled cocktails 2024

World of Zing Persian Lime and Nori Margarita

Pre-Bottled Margarita Cocktail

Best zesty bottled magarita

The classic marg gets an update with extra tang from Persian limes and a salty undertone from nori seaweed. Serve in a glass with a chilli-salt rim.

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Tom Savano Caribbean Mai Tai

Two bottles of golden mai tai beside a tiki glass filled with ice and some palm leaves

Best bottled mai tai

Travel the world with these pre-bottled cocktails made using artisan spirits from small-batch producers. This lively, spiced, tropical cocktail combines four different craft rums from Panama, Martinique and Mauritius with almond liqueur, tiki bitters and lime. Pour over ice, put on your boldest patterned shirt and pretend you’re in a tiki bar.

Available from:

Black Lines Paloma


Best bottled paloma

This slightly sparkling cocktail makes a refreshing aperitif for hassle-free entertaining. Olmeca Blanco tequila is lifted with fragrant grapefruit soda and fresh citrus, while Maldon salt adds a savoury edge. Just pour over ice from the sleek bottle and serve with a slice of fresh grapefruit.

Available from:

No 3 Last Word

Last word no.3 bottled cocktail

Best bottled gin cocktail

A modern spin on a classic cocktail, the Last Word, using No 3 London dry gin. Clean citrus and floral flavours, with a satisfyingly boozy kick from the gin.

Available from:

Black Cow Vodka Negroni

Black Cow Vodka Negroni

Best vodka negroni

Here at olive we’re fans of Black Cow’s creamy, silky vodka, made using cow’s whey, and their next innovation is a ready-to-drink negroni. Traditionally, this is a cocktail synonymous with the herbaceous kick of gin but here the Black Cow team have used vodka, plus Campari and a secret blend of bitters. It makes a classic-tasting negroni with citrussy notes and a smooth, rounded character. Sip over ice alongside a bowlful of buttery Nocellara olives.

Available from:

The Umbrella Project Banana Daiquiri

Umbrella Project banana daiquiri

Best bottled daiquiri

Featuring banana de brasil, tropical oleo, Cabby's Small Batch Rum and lime, this is a lovely modern take on a kitsch classic – light, silky and bright, with bags of tropical flavour.

Available from:

Longbottom Virgin Mary

A can of Virgin Mary Longbottom pre-mixed cocktail next to a tall glass filled with virgin mary

Best bottled virgin mary

If you’re drinking less booze this month but are still craving a grown-up drink, try this expertly pre-mixed virgin Mary – our senior food editor Nadine declared it the best she’s ever tasted, thanks to its deeply savoury flavour and perfectly spiced notes.

Available from:

Mirror Margarita


Best clear bottled margarita

East London bar Hacha is famed for its elegant crystal-clear twist on a margarita and you can now buy it ready made to drink at home. Made with Patrón silver tequila (there's also a smoky mezcal version available), homemade sour mix, cane syrup and grapefruit oils, it's subtle, delicate and less aggressively mouth-puckering than a classic marg, but still with that requisite zesty bite as well as a smooth, silky texture.

Available from:

Campari Soda


Best Campari bottled cocktail

Campari have released an RTD version of their classic aperitivo. There are no surprises here, just a perfectly mixed Campari and soda (in winningly dinky glass bottles), designed to be served over ice with a wedge of orange.

Available from:

Pimentae Tommy's Chilli Margarita

A bottle of Pimentae Tommy's Chilli Margarita

Best chilli bottled margarita

Orange liqueur is traditionally used to sweeten a margarita, but a tommy's margarita swaps in agave syrup for a lighter, fresher take on the classic cocktail. This zippy version, from new brand Pimentae, also comes laced with chilli for a fiery kick. Pour into a salt-rimmed glass and garnish with fresh chilli. We also love the beautiful bottle and its surrealism-inspired label design by London artist Kit Lintin.

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Soho Street cocktails

Four different cocktail pouches

Best bottled cocktails for parties

Coming in 1.5l pouches, these pre-mixed cocktails are the ultimate party hack. Just pour some into a shaker with ice and serve to your guests.

Available from:

Charlie's Classic Cocktails

Charlie's Classic Cocktails

Best bottled cocktail subscription

Craving a classic tipple? These single-serve drinks come in pleasingly chunky square bottles and focus on canonical cocktails such as martinis, negronis and manhattans – all pre-diluted so you only need to chill before serving. Drinks come with a unique garnish – tiny atomiser bottles full of citrus peel oils so you can add a fragrant spritz to your drink (in place of a citrus twist). We added an aromatic orange accent to our super-smooth, well-balanced old fashioned, as well their gently herbaceous negroni.

Available from:

Primo Aperitivo Negroni

Primo aperitivo negroni

Best classic negroni

This plush Italian bottle serves a classic negroni with smooth, well integrated flavours and a touch of citrus. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Available from:

The Moore House Cocktail Company Manhattan

Manhattan 200ml front focus2

Best bottled manhattan

This ultra-smooth take on the classic cocktail uses two different vermouths, a blend of orange and Angostura bitters and a touch of Luxardo cherry juice to make a punchy tipple with a hint of citrus and subtle sweetness. Serve with a cocktail cherry or twist of orange.

Available from:

Bar Termini Negroni Bergamot

Bar Termini negroni

Best bottled negroni mixed by bar tenders

A blend of London dry gin, Italian vermouth and bitters infused with bergamot – with a sweet, floral note that makes it all too easy to knock back. This negroni from one of our favourite bars is a real winner. Sip while snacking on a bowl of buttery Nocellara olives.

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Black Lines Spicy Tommy's Margarita


Best spicy bottled margarita

This take on a tommy’s margarita (where the triple sec is swapped for agave syrup) is super-smooth and at 12.7% ABV a little gentler than a classic marg, which makes it perfect for those who find the bolshy booziness of the original cocktail a little too much. Black Lines have also added a hint of chilli, which adds a pleasingly spicy kick to the drink that compliments the tequila.

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