Vegan PBJ Pancakes Recipe

Easy vegan pancake recipes

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Vegans rejoice, no need to miss out on Pancake Day this year, we've created some epic versions of some Pancake Day classics including super fluffy American-style


Want to know how to make vegan pancakes? Try our plant-based pancake ideas, including how to get the best fluffy American pancakes without using eggs, plus the best sweet and savoury crepes.



  • We use plant-based milk and coconut oil in our vegan pancakes

Vegan American-style pancakes

Serve a stack of these fluffy American pancakes soaked in maple syrup for an indulgent, plant-based breakfast.

Vegan American-Style Pancakes Recipe

Vegan pancakes with mixed berry compote

Fluffy pancakes topped with vibrant berry compote, an indulgent vegan brunch ready in under 30 minutes.

Vegan Pancakes Recipe with Berry Compote

Vegan peanut butter and jelly pancakes

Take your fluffy vegan pancakes up a notch with the classic combo of peanut butter and jam (we use a homemade blueberry compote).

Vegan PBJ Pancakes Recipe

Savoury vegan crêpes

Pack this crisp vegan crêpe with garlicky mushrooms for an easy plant-based lunch.

Vegan Crêpe Recipe (Savoury Crêpe Recipe)

Sweet vegan crêpes

We make our vegan version of this French classic with plant milk and coconut oil for a plant-based brunch.

Sweet Vegan Crêpes Recipe