We’re looking forward to the year ahead and discussing all the delicious things coming our way. 2022 has been challenging, but there are still some exciting foodie choices to be made, in the supermarket and at home.


Discover our health editor Tracey’s predictions for 2023, then find deep dives into this year's wellness travel trends, coffee trends, drinks trends, food trends, travel trends and restaurant trends. We also have our podcast where olive columnist Gurd Loyal explores 10 hot food and drink trends for 2023.

After, browse our healthy winter recipes for kickstarting your year. Then check out our best healthy recipes and read our guide on how to feel better this winter.

Budget-friendly approaches to healthy eating

With the rising cost of living, we’ve seen a move towards recipes that use storecupboard ‘superfoods’, such as pulses, grains, lentils, tinned fish and brown rice. This way our bodies get all the nutrients they need, while we keep down our spending. Plus, everyone is embracing energy-efficient cooking methods, low-waste recipes and our trusty freezers.

Tracey’s picks

Check out our top recipes using storecupboard ingredients and our healthy vegetarian storecupboard recipes.

If you’re trying to keep costs down, browse our best budget recipes.

Puy lentil bolognese in a bowl

Guilt-free fitness routines

Now that we’re back to work and our schedules are busy again, it’s difficult to keep up with complicated 7-day exercise plans. Instead, we’re moving towards a goal of daily movement, rather than fitness perfection. That means less guilt about not making the occasional gym class, and more of a focus on overall wellness by making a point to move every day.

On some days, that might look like an early morning spin class or zoom yoga session and on others, it might simply be a walk around the park at lunch or taking the stairs on your way in to work. The point here is: health is about consistency, not perfection.

Tracey’s picks

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Smiling woman riding stationary bike during fitness class with friends in cycling studio

The age of air-frying continues

Air-fryers will continue to boom in 2023, and it’s easy to see why. Much more energy-efficient than turning on your oven, they heat up the air around the food but in a smaller space. Not only do air-fryers cook food quickly, they also give a crisp, golden finish to foods like chicken, tofu and potatoes – all with little to no oil.

More like this

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Use your air-fryer to make air fryer halloumi fries, air fryer brownies and much more.

For top air-fryer reviews, have a look at our sister website BBC Good Food.

Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms

We mentioned the rise of boosted beverages in 2022, but in 2023 the mushroom will reign supreme. Mushroom coffee is having an extended moment in the spotlight, with blends including Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Cordyceps offering benefits from increased focus and stamina to boosted energy levels.

As well as this, ‘mushroom stacking’ – where users blend a variety of mushroom powders to achieve desired results – is gaining popularity. This personalised approach can be changed daily, depending on how you’re feeling.

Tracey’s picks

Get more into your diet with our delicious mushrooms recipes.

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Open-faced omelette with garlic mushrooms and taleggio

Health shots

With the nation becoming more health savvy, we’re seeing a variety of health promoting ‘shots’ popping up in supermarkets all over the country. Whether you want some turmeric and ginger to support your immune system, probiotics for your gut-health or antioxidant-rich fruit shots for your skin, you can find the perfect on-the-go boost for your needs.

Tracey’s picks

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Detox juices

Protein-boosted recipes

Plant-based eating is here to stay, and health-conscious shoppers are looking for convenient ways to get their nutrients while eating less meat. We’ve noticed continued interest in protein-boosted recipes, such as porridge and smoothies made with protein powders, and the use of high-protein plant alternatives, such as seitan.

Tracey’s picks

We have lots of high-protein vegetarian and vegan recipes for you to try, including a protein porridge and protein pancakes.

Browse our enticing tofu recipes.

Find out more about what seitan is and where you can buy it.

On our sister website, BBC Good Food, read reviews of the best vegan protein powders and bars.

Stir-fried tofu noodles

A more personalised plate

As we become more in tune with our bodies, many of us are recognising which foods agree with us and which ones leave us feeling lethargic. Whether piling our plates with veggies and wholegrains or choosing to reduce our intake of gluten, dairy or sugar, we’re actively choosing foods that leave us feeling our best. This is influencing the recipes we make at home and the restaurants we visit.

Tracey’s picks

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Green frittata in a frying pan

Wellness travel

With rates of burnout on the rise, travellers are finding they require more than just a week in the sun to feel reenergised. As such, we’re seeing an increased interest in health retreats, wellness weekends and yoga getaways, which offer special programmes dedicated to relaxing, rebalancing and rejuvenating the mind and body.

Tracey’s picks

Have a look at our list of the best healthy holidays for foodies.

Bring the wellness home with our healthy, colourful recipes.

Acai bowl with fruit and nuts

Grazing boards

We count these as a health trend because beautiful grazing boards are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they also lend themselves to wholesome, nutritious eating. You can discover a wide variety of foods with every board, as well as catering to all diets. Include fresh fruits, veggies, gut-healthy fermented foods, dips like hummus and guacamole, nuts, seeds, olives and delicious baked cheeses – the options are endless.

Tracey’s picks

Visit the olive shop to buy boards, cheeses, crackers, nuts, olives and everything else you could need to build your grazing feast.

Check out our baked feta board, Christmas cheeseboard and summer deli board.

Whip up classic hummus, pea hummus or guacamole to add to your board.

Pea hummus with pitta crisps

Better plant-based ‘meats’

As shoppers continue to add plant-based products to their baskets, there’s been a greater focus on the quality of the meat substitutes we buy. Consumers are demanding simpler products with clean, understandable ingredients (no more long ingredient lists with words we can’t pronounce, please).

Tracey’s picks

Make your own with our recipes for tofu steak, seitan and vegan ham.

Read up on tempeh and where you can buy it.


Check out eatplanted, one of our favourite brands, for their delicious meat alternatives made using peas, sunflower and oats.

Vegan ham on a serving platter


Tracey Raye - Health Editor & NutritionistHealth Editor & Nutritionist

Tracey Raye is the Health Editor for Olive and BBC Good Food. She oversees all health, nutrition and fitness related content across the brands, including the bi-annual Healthy Diet Plan, monthly Health Edit newsletter and health column in the magazine.

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