American Style Breakfast Pancake Recipe

American breakfast pancakes

  • serves 4
  • Easy

Oranges and mandarins give these thick, American-style breakfast pancakes a sweet and zesty finish. Serve our St Clements pancakes with crème fraîche or yoghurt for a delicious Pancake Day recipe


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  • golden caster sugar 4 tbsp
  • eggs 2
  • butter 25g, melted but cool, plus more for frying
  • milk 300ml
  • plain flour 225g
  • baking powder 1 tbsp
  • mandarins 4
  • lemons 2
  • crème fraîche or yogurt to serve


  • Step 1

    Put 1 tbsp sugar, the eggs, melted butter, milk, flour and baking powder (in that order) into a blender and whizz until you have a smooth batter. (If you use a hand mixer, put the flour in the bowl first, then add the remaining ingredients.) Zest 2 mandarins and 1 lemon and add this to the mix. Leave the mix in the blender jug if it has a good pouring lip; if not, transfer it to another jug.

  • Step 2

    Put the remaining sugar in a small pan and squeeze in the juice from the zested mandarins and lemon, then heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Cut the rind and pith from the other mandarins and lemon and cut out the segments, adding them and any other juice to the pan.

  • Step 3

    Heat a non-stick pan and brush it with butter. Pour enough batter into the pan to make a thick American-style pancake (about 10cm diameter). Wait for about a minute until the surface starts to show bubbles and has set, then flip the pancake over. Brush the pan with more butter and repeat with the rest of the pancake batter. (You might need to adjust the heat as you cook the pancakes.) You should get 3-4 per person out of the mixture. Serve with the oranges, lemons, citrus juices and crème fraîche or yoghurt.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 454
  • Fat 12.2g
  • Carbs 72.2g
  • Fibre 6.3g
  • Protein 12.2g
  • Salt 1.2g