Looking for alcohol-free spirits? Want to know the best non-alcoholic drinks to buy? Check out our favourites below for non-alcoholic gin, then check out the best sustainable spirits to try. You can also browse our selection of artisan non-alcoholic spirits and gifts on the new olive shop.


Best non-alcoholic spirits and low-alcohol drinks at a glance

  • Best versatile non-alcoholic spirit: Feragaia, £26.35
  • Best for botanicals: Botivo, £24.95
  • Best for ginger fans: Sentia Black 0.0%, £25.89
  • Best saline non-alcoholic spirit: Pentire Adrift, £26.80
  • Best for after-dinner sipping: Three Spirit Nightcap, £28.33
  • Best for a non-alcoholic martini: ZEO Non-Alcoholic Spirit Botanical Dry, £25.99
  • Best fermented aperitif: High Point Non-Alcoholic Amber Digestif, £20.95
  • Best for a tropical spritz: Everleaf Forest, £20
  • Best for a non-alcoholic G&T: New London Light First Light, £24.94
  • Best for a British spritz: Wilfred's Aperitif, £19
  • Best non-alcoholic tropical gin: Caleño Light & Zesty, £13
  • Best classic non-alcoholic gin alternative: Seedlip Grove 42, £22
  • Best concentrated gin: Hayman's Small Gin, £19
  • Best spiced gin alternative: Atopia Spiced Citrus, £22.95
  • Best non-alcoholic spirits range: Crossip, from £22
  • Best ginger liqueur: Talonmore, £25
  • Best fruity spritz mix: Citizen Spritz pink grapefruit, £20

Best non-alcoholic spirits and low-alcohol drinks to buy 2023


Feragaia bottle in front of green leaves

Best versatile non-alcoholic spirit

Made in the Scottish Lowlands using 14 different ingredients, including locally sourced serrated wrack seaweed, bay leaf and chamomile, Feragaia is clean, subtle and elegant, with warming spice and herbal notes. It’s lovely lengthened with tonic water, but we prefer it best drunk neat over ice, which lets the spirit’s smoky, peppery notes shine through.

Available from:
the olive shop (£26.35)
Selfridges (£23.99)



Best for botanicals

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Proving that alcohol-free doesn’t mean flavour free, this aperitif contains rosemary, thyme, gentian, wormwood and orange zest botanicals, plus wildflower honey and an apple cider vinegar base. The result is an assertively bold, bittersweet kick and heaps of citrus flavour. The vinegar adds a pleasingly tangy touch, too. Enjoy mixed with sparkling or tonic water and an orange wedge.

Available from:
Botivo (£26.95)
The Whisky Exchange (£24.95)

Sentia Black 0.0%

A bottle of Sentia Black, 0% spirit

Best for ginger fans

A complex, ginger-spiked spirit that makes a great sipper over ice or a long drink with ginger beer. It promises to activate the brain’s GABA neurotransmitters, promoting feelings of relaxation. Ideal if you want a grown-up drink without the alcohol.

Available from:
Sentia Spirits (£29.50)
DryDrinker (£25.89)

Pentire Adrift

Pentire Adfrift Non Alcoholic Spirit Bottle

Best saline non-alcoholic spirit

Many zero-alcohol offerings can be sickly sweet, which is why this new Cornish spirit is a breath of fresh air. Made by plants native to the coastline of North Cornwall and featured botanicals such as rock samphire and sage, it’s a grown-up, savoury affair with fragrant herbaceousness and salty notes that balance perfectly with tonic water. Garnish with sage, rosemary or bay leaves.

Available from:
the olive shop (£26.80)
Amazon (£27.80)
Ocado (£26.80)

Three Spirit Nightcap


Best for after dinner sipping

Designed by plant scientists and bartenders, this range of non-alcoholic aperitifs and digestifs contain active ingredients designed to enhance the drinking experience. Try the sultry, woody, calming Nightcap for a post-dinner snifter.

Available from:
Amazon (£26)
DryDrinker (£28.33)

ZEO Non-Alcoholic Spirit Botanical Dry

Photograph by Jason Bailey

Best for a non-alcoholic martini

Ex-Artesian bartender Simone Caporale has created a sophisticated zero-alcohol spirit that works well as an alternative to gin or vodka. Citrussy, with a warming, spicy kick and rounded texture – drink it neat and chilled with a twist of lemon, as you would a martini.

Available from:
Hipflask (£25.99)

High Point Non-Alcoholic Amber Aperitif

High Point amber digestif

Best fermented aperitif

This Cornish non-alcoholic fermented aperitif is brimming with assertive bitterness and would make for a lovely winter sundowner with warming, smoky, spicy aromas and flavours. Mix with ginger ale or serve with lemon juice and ginger syrup.

Available from:
Amazon (£20.95)
Master of Malt (£20.95)

Everleaf Forest


Best for a tropical spritz
Created by bartender and biologist Paul Mathew using ethically sourced botanicals, we love the bright, silky character of this aperitif brand's expressions. Our favourites are Forest with its citrus and tropical fruit notes, and bitter complexity, as well as the aromatic floral character of Mountain. Drink with sparkling water, or top up with sparkling wine for a low-ABV drink.

New London Light First Light


Best for a non-alcoholic G&T

This gin-inspired spirit from Salcombe Distilling Co uses botanicals such as juniper, orange and cardamom for a perky, citrussy end result. Drink with tonic water for an elegant non-alcoholic alternative to a G&T.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£25)
Amazon (£25)
Not on the High Street (£25)

Wilfred's Aperitif


Best for a British spritz

Made using bittersweet orange and rosemary, we love the woody herbaceous notes in this British aperitif that will transport you straight to the Med.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£19)
Amazon (£22)

Caleño Light & Zesty

Caleno Non Alcoholic Spirit Bottle

Best non-alcoholic tropical gin

Inspired by the flavours of founder Ellie Webb’s Colombian homeland, Caleño features botanicals of coriander, juniper, lemon, cardamom and, most interestingly, inca berry – which gives it fragrant and sweet tropical notes. Rum lovers should check out their latest release, Dark & Spicy, which has pineapple and coconut aromas, and warming spice – it would be delicious in a booze-free dark 'n' stormy with ginger beer and lime.

Available from:
Amazon (£13)
Waitrose Cellar (£18)
Master of Malt (£19.95)

Seedlip Grove 42

Seedlip Citrus Grove 42 Non Alcoholic Spirit Bottle

Best classic non-alcoholic gin alternative

This offering from the zero-alcohol pioneer is an aromatic blend of Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, ginger, lemongrass and sansho peppercorns. One for those who love citrussy flavours, with a subtle hint of pepper at the finish. Drink with tonic water and a twist of orange peel.

Hayman’s Small Gin

Hayman's Small Gin bottle with thimble round the neck

Best concentrated gin

This gin distillery has taken an imaginative approach to creating a low-alcohol product. Its Small Gin clocks in at 43% ABV but has a super-concentrated botanical character, so you only need a tiny 5ml thimbleful (they supply a pretty silvery one with each bottle) to create a G&T with just 0.2 units of alcohol but all the flavour of a full-strength version. The verdict? It does indeed taste like the real thing, with distinctive juniper notes.

Atopia Spiced Citrus

Atopia Spiced Low Alcohol Spirit Bottle

Best spiced gin alternative

Made with orange, juniper, coriander, angelica root and lemon, plus orange blossom and wormwood, Atopia has elegant bitter citrus notes and subtle, warming spice. Drink with tonic water and a wedge of orange.



Best non-alcoholic spirits range

We were impressed with the booze-like bite and punchy flavours of this new range of spirits by Sunday Brunch drinks expert Carl Brown. Standouts include Dandy Smoke – a must for whisky fans with its peaty, nutty, rounded character – and Pure Hibiscus, which has a grown-up bittersweet quality similar to an Italian aperitivo.

Available from:
Amazon (£22)



Best ginger liqueur

This Scottish ginger-infused spirit has a sweet, liqueur-like profile. With notes of earthy ginger, enjoy with tonic water in a highball.

Available from:
Talonmore Drinks (£25)

Citizen Spritz Pink Grapefruit

Citizen Spritz pink grapefruit

Best fruity spritz mix

Citizen Spritz has created punchy, concentrated spritz mixes, designed to be diluted with soda or tonic water. We love the tanginess of this grapefruit version. Serve with a mixer and plenty of ice for a thirst-quenching tipple.

Available from:
Citizen Spritz (£20)


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