Looking for non alcoholic beers to try? Want to find the best low-alcohol beers? Whether you are doing Dry January for the first time or a longtime non-drinker, we've got plenty of options to choose from. There's fruity IPAs, hearty stout and Guinness alternatives or alcohol-free versions of favourites such as Heineken and San Miguel.


Check out our recommendations below from our in-house drinks experts. For more alcohol-free recomendations, try our best non-alcoholic gins and top picks of the best non-alcoholic prosecco and champagne.

Best non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers to try 2023

Beavertown Brewery Lazer Crush alcohol-free IPA

Can of Beavertown Brewery Non Alcoholic IPA on a red background

A hazy IPA packed with tropical fruit flavours of passion fruit and mango with a light malty finish which gives it a slightly sweet edge. This would make a great partner to spiced dishes like jerk chicken or a Thai curry.

Available from:
Beavertown Brewery (£1.60/330ml)
Sainsbury's (£1.60/330ml)
Ocado (£1.60/330ml)

Chouffe Alcohol Free

La Chouffe’s regular blond beer is delicious – hoppy, spicy and full of citrus fruit. It is, however, a whopping 8% ABV, so not the choice if you’re abstaining or cutting down. Happily, it has now introduced an alcohol-free version that retains the full-bodied character and fruitiness of the original.

Available from:
Dry Drinker (£20, 8 x 330ml)

Firebrand Shorebreak alcohol free hazy pale

Brewed using Simcoe, Citra and Cascade hops, this is an impressive non-alcoholic hazy beer, fresh and light yet packed with hoppy flavour and hints of tropical fruit.

Available from:
Firebrand Brewing Co (£2.10/330ml)

San Miguel 0.0 alcohol-free lager

An easy-drinking amber lager with a smooth, rounded mouthfeel and a nice malty sweetness which gives it extra body. Would make a great partner to a smoky chorizo stew.

Available from:
Waitrose (£3/pack of 4)
Tesco (£4/pack of 4)
Amazon (£10/pack of 12)

Estrella Galicia 0.0%

This pilsner-style beer has well-rounded flavour and gentle bitterness. Crisp and winningly chuggable.

Available from:
Amazon (£26.14/12)
Majestic (£9.62/12)

Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects

This full-bodied, amber-style brew is one of the best non-alcoholic beers out there, zesty, hoppy and richly flavoured – you can't tell it's booze free.

Available from:
Beerhunter (£26.95/12 pack)
Tesco (£4.50/4 pack)
Amazon (£45/24 pack)

Guinness Draught 0.0% Alcohol Free Stout

A pint of alcohol-free Guinness next to a can of alcohol-free Guinness

This 0% version of the original draught stout pulls off the amazing feat of tasting pretty much identical to the real thing. Well balanced with the classic malty, chocolate and coffee flavours intact and a thick, creamy head on pouring – decant into a pint glass for the best experience.

Available from:
Morrisons (£3.99/4), Sainsbury's (£4.50/4), Asda (£4.50/4)

Magic Rock Freeride alcohol free citra pale ale

An impressive alcohol-free beer from the Huddersfield brewery, we enjoyed this pale ale’s fragrant peach notes, lemony edge and light, flavourful hoppy bitterness.

Available from:
Magic Rock Brewing (£2.50/330ml)

Small Beer Hazy IPA

One of the best brands for low-alcohol beer has delivered again with their latest release, a 2.6%-ABV IPA. Using US hops and British malts, it’s got a lovely full-bodied flavour, smooth and rounded, with punchy hoppy notes and a stone fruit character.

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Available from:
The Original Small Beer (£14.25/6 x 330ml cans)

The Wild Beer Co Grapefruit IPA Soda

We loved this super-refreshing 0.3% ABV beer which features vibrant, juicy citrus notes as well as crisp hoppiness.

Available from:
The Wild Beer Co (£1.65/330ml)

Krombacher Weizen Wheat Beer

One for fans of German wheat beers, this refreshing o.5% ABV brew has that classic full-bodied, fruity wheat character.

Available from:
The Dry Drinker (£20.14/8 bottles)

Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered Lager

Two bottles of larger with two glasses filled with larger next to them

A crisp pilsner-style lager with a tiny hint of malt which rounds it off nicely. We love the chunky retro glass bottle as well. Serve chilled with a burger.

Available from: Sainsbury's (£1.80/330ml), Tesco (£1.80/330ml), Amazon (£23.40/12 pack)

Mikkeller Drink'in the Sun

Mikkeller Drink’in the Sun

This 0.3%-ABV American-style wheat ale is a bright, sunshiny beer with gentle hoppiness and a vibrant grapefruit and peach character. Try drinking with a slice of orange.

Available from:
Beer Hunter (£22.95/12 x 330ml)

Big Drop Brewing Co Pale Ale

Big Drop Brewing Co beer bottle

Dry-hopped, lemony and piney, and really refreshing, this is a classic West Coast pale ale (0.5% ABV) that is very close to the real thing.

Available from:
Amazon (£23.64/12 x 330ml)
Sainsbury's (£1.70/33oml)
Morrisons (£1.50/330ml)

BrewDog Nanny State

10 bottles of BrewDog Non Alcoholic Beer Nanny State

A dependable drink when you are out (most bars stock it). At 0.5% ABV it packs in all the citrussy, piney flavours you’d expect from a US-style hoppy ale.

Available from:
Amazon (£29.66, 24 x 330ml)
Brewdog (£4.50, 4 x 330ml)
Sainsbury's (£4.50, 4 x 330ml)

Small Beer Dark Lager

Small Beer Brewing Company Beer

A super-refreshing but complex 1% ABV beer. Pours dark like a stout but drinks really lightly with lovely background notes of coffee and chocolate.

Available from:
Amazon (£19.50, 6 x 330ml)
Ocado (£2.20/350ml)

Days Pale Ale

Days pale ale

We were impressed with this zero-alcohol vegan pale ale from Scottish booze-free brewery Days. Expect tropical notes and a pleasingly rounded texture and full body. Try their lager too, which is crisp and chuggable without being thin and watery.

Available from:
Days Brewing (£25, 12 x 330ml)

Heineken 0.0

Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer bottle and four pack

This won’t win any awards for complexity but the classic lager flavour will definitely hit the spot if you are faking it in Dry Jan. Perfect with a curry and the sugar level is nice and low. A chugger.

Available from:
Amazon (£15.96, 24 x 330ml)
Sainsbury's (£9, 12 x 330ml)
Tesco (£9.60, 12 x 330ml)
Asda (£11.50, 12 x 330ml)


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