Never run out of beer again by signing up for a regular monthly beer delivery. There's a wide range of beer subscriptions and clubs to choose from – we've tested out the best below to find the perfect one for you. From British beers and craft producers, to alcohol-free deliveries, they're the perfect way to try out new styles or give a gift to a true beer fan.


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Keep the beer theme going by using a favourite bottle in one of our beer recipes – take your pick from Belgian beer mussels, beer-b-q ribs or beer and rock salt pretzels, for the ultimate pub snack upgrade.

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Best beer subscriptions to try

Honest Brew subscription, from £22.90

Honest Brew is ‘the home of good beer’, delivering craft beers from independent breweries across the world. As well as the monthly subscription, there are curated cases available for one-off purchase or individual cans and bottles.

Choose between two subscription boxes (pale, dark lager and more, or IPAs and pale ales) and select your preferred number of beers (six, nine or 12).

The subscription includes a surprise, so receiving the box each month is something to look forward to. The cans and bottles in the IPAs and pale ales box come from a range of top breweries, from far-flung Yeastie Boys in New Zealand, to Wales’s Tiny Rebel and Melton Mowbray’s Round Corner Brewing. There's a diverse selection of options, including IPAs, tropical infusions and gluten-free beers.

This subscription is great for those wanting to try a wide selection of beers each month and discover new brands. It costs £22.90 for six beers, £29.90 for nine or £36.90 for 12 per month, and we feel that the nine-beer box is a good-value option to start.
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Honest Brew members intro box

Brewser, from £38

This independent beer subscription cuts out the middleman and allows you to receive selections directly from the UK’s best craft breweries. The platform hosts an eclectic variety of breweries, from well-established favourites such as Moor in Bristol, to upcoming enthusiasts including Manchester-based Cloudwater and one-person-operation ‘playground for beer’, Baron Brewing in Hertfordshire. The website couldn’t be easier to use; filter by type, from Belgian to IPA, sours to dark, gluten-free to low-alcohol. Or, if you can’t decide, there’s an option for a surprise box, too. Select which brewery you want to try each month to curate a unique Brewser box to send direct to your door. Discover a new option each time, or stick to the same if you find one you particularly love.

You can pause or cancel at any time so there’s no commitment. A subscription also gives you access to the Brewser community, with whom you can share recommendations. Plus, Brewser has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a sapling for every box you order.

A stack of eight cans of beer

Brewgooder subscription, from £20

Brewgooder is ‘the beer club that’s life-changing’, with profits going to projects that provide clean water to communities in Malawi that have little access to healthy drinking water. For every can or pint sold, the company say they will provide 100 times that amount in clean water.

There's a variety of flexible packages for the beer subscription. You can make a one-off purchase or arrange for beers to be delivered every seven, 14 or 28 days. There are three price points: £20 for 12 x 330ml cans, £33 for 24 or £66 for 48. Each offering is accompanied by statistics about how much clean water you’re helping provide with your purchase: 12 cans equals 396 litres of clean water, 24 equals 792 litres and 48 equals 1,584 litres.

There are three brews on offer, which you can order in individual or mixed cases. Lager (4.5% ABV) is Brewgooder’s signature beer. It has a biscuity, citrussy aroma and tastes crisp, lemony and refreshing. The Session IPA (3.7% ABV) is light and sharp, while Tropical Pale (3.9% ABV) has a light, bittersweet finish.

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We all know that beer makes you feel good, but these beers give you an extra glow of satisfaction knowing that with every sip you’re helping change someone’s life.

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Brewgooder beer subscription

Beer52 Beer Club, £24 monthly

Beer52, founded in 2013, has the mission of 'building a community of people who love craft beer'. As well as the Beer Club, Beer52 operates a widely stocked beer shop, the opportunity to sign up to 'beer school' and the annual CyberFest beer festival.

There are two options to choose from in the Beer Club subscription: mixed (light and dark beers) or light only. Each box contains eight beers, a snack and magazine.

The colourful branded box is all recyclable, with cardboard inserts to keep the bottles and cans stable. Our mixed box includes a varied selection from European breweries. We particularly enjoy Fierce Beer's Hop Squad, a hoppy IPA with fresh citrus notes that's brewed in Scotland. Also included in the box is a small packet of jalapeño roasted chickpeas and a copy of Beer52's own magazine, Ferment – an interesting read for enthusiasts that's packed with plenty of brewery recommendations as well as further information on all the bottles in the box.

We enjoy the selection on offer in the Beer52 club, especially with the added read of Ferment – a great-value box for true enthusiasts.

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Beer52 beer subscription

Flavourly craft beer club, £19.90 a month

Flavourly’s mission is to get people drinking better beer by making good beers easier to access, partnering with craft breweries to bring them to bigger audiences.

The Beer Club delivers eight beers, a snack and Flavourly magazine for £19.90 every month. Choose between a light or mixed box depending on your preference, and cancel at any time. Our box includes beers from Somerset-based Quantock Brewery and Edinburgh’s Cold Town Beer, as well as a uniquely refreshing tea-infused Cold Town Darjeeling Table beer. The overall selection in the box is highly varied and packed with punchy flavours and styles we haven’t tried before.

The subscription also includes a copy of Flavourly magazine, which features interviews with some of the breweries and tasting notes on the beers.

The Flavourly beer club is a great way to stretch beyond your beer comfort zone, providing quirky new styles and flavours to try while supporting small craft producers.

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Flavourly beer subscription

BoroughBox craft beer and snack subscription, £34.99

The Craft Beer & Snack subscription box (£34.99) comes from BoroughBox, an online marketplace that connects small artisan producers with customers. The craft beer and snack subscription offers a delivery of six beers (selected from IPAs, ales, pilsners, blondes, porters and seasonal brews) with six snacks to match.

Choose from a one-month taster box or a three-, six- or 12-month subscription. Each month you'll receive six craft beers (two each of three types) and six beer snacks (typically 35g each). The boxes are shipped in eco-friendly BoroughBox-branded kraft boxes.

BoroughBox works with a number of London craft breweries, including Crate, Five Points and Brick. Our box includes a Yeastie Boys Bigmouth Session IPA (4.4% ABV) from New Zealand and a First Chop Pop IPA (5.4% ABV) along with snacking cheese and chorizo thins. Refreshing beer and salty snacks – what’s not to like? Great for a sunny afternoon or get-together with friends.
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BoroughBox cans of beers and snacks

Dry Drinker Direct club, £20 monthly

Dry Drinker Direct offers a huge range of alcohol-free beers, wines and spirits, and its beer club is a great way to start exploring which zero-alcohol beers you like best.

It’s straightforward to order, with two subscription options available on a rolling monthly basis: a curated box of eight light and dark beers or a vegan beer option. Both are £20 per month. You can see on the website what’s going to be in this month’s box, and we are impressed with Dry Drinker’s promise that you’ll never drink the same beer twice – this is a great way to try new products.

The variety in our box stands out – bottles include a variety of different brands from both the UK and Europe (including Mikeller, Nirvana Brewery and Tiny Rebel), with a range of styles covered, such as dark and pale ales, lagers and wheat beer. First orders also come with a drinking glass and packaging is plastic-free.

At just £20 per month, this is an affordable beer subscription that's refreshingly fuss-free – an easy way to discover quality new low-alcohol beers, all delivered direct to your door.

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Dry Drinker Direct beer subscription box

Crafty Nectar, from £15.50 monthly

The UK has a thriving cider scene, with the last few years in particular seeing a wave of innovative small producers making refined ciders that easily rival craft beer and wine. Crafty Nectar aims to connect the public to artisan options with its own range of ciders, gift boxes and hampers, alongside a cider subscription.

The cider subscription is curated by cider experts and features ciders from across the UK in a variety of styles, all made by small independent producers. Ordering is straightforward, with nice flexibility when it comes to subscription options. There are varied bottle amounts (from two to six) and subscription lengths available. We choose the craft cider discovery box, which delivers six curated bottles to your door each month.

Each month’s box has a different theme. Ours features ciders from the West Country, covering a range of different styles, including dry, medium, keeved (a method of naturally sweetening ciders) sparkling and still, with some stellar producers featured, such as Somerset’s Pilton, one of our best ciders to try. We are impressed by the selection – many of the ciders are completely new to us and there are some lovely inclusions.

With prices starting from just £15.50, it’s an affordable option for cider newbies, with plenty of interesting options to attract dedicated cider heads as well.

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Crafty Nectar cider subscription box

Best of British Beer Club, from £40

The Best of British beer subscription club is the longest-running in the UK. It delivers cases of handpicked 500ml bottles to ‘wave the flag for independent breweries’, along with a comprehensive leaflet containing tasting notes, background on the beers and a pub quiz.

Ordering online is simple, with a variety of subscription options offering different quantities of bottles for different lengths, including a pay-monthly beer club that provides 12 x 500ml bottles for £40. You can choose a style of beer to suit your taste, too, from pale and golden, to dark or a mix of both – the club’s most popular option. The first case comes with a beer glass, plus there’s a 10 per cent discount on additional sales throughout your whole membership.

Our case contains 12 bottles selected from 20 brewery partners. Our bottles include Old Prickly, a full-flavoured golden ale from Hobson's near Kidderminster, and Sunshine, a floral ale Taste Award winner from Montgomeryshire. Every beer in our case is a surprise and delicious in a distinctive way.

Overall this offers a tremendous case of beer – it's full of surprises and great value for money. Plus, it supports the wealth of small independent breweries across the UK.

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Best of British beer subscription

Hoppily beer club, from £30 a month

Essex-based Hoppily is on a mission to ‘champion the unusual and the underdog’, seeking out little-known, adventurous craft breweries across the UK that produce strong beers with bold flavours.

As well as a widely stocked bottle shop and gift shop, Hoppily offers the Hoppily craft beer club monthly subscription, with a variety of rolling subscription options, ranging from eight (£30 a month) to the ‘Hoptacular’ beer box (£48 a month), which contains 10 premium beers with stronger-than-usual ABVs. For an extra £2, you can also add a snack to your box.

Our case is made up of eight interesting cans and bottles, including Orbit Rhubarb Sour and a Bishop Nick Tattoo’d New Zealand hopped red ale (4.9% ABV). Packaging is minimal – there are no frills or tasting notes, just cans and bottles of interesting beers. If you want to try something new and support small craft brewers in the UK, give this a whirl.
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Hoppily beer subscription

Beer52 craft beer club, £24 a month

Beer52, founded in 2013, has the mission of ‘building a community of people who love craft beer’. As well as the Beer Club, Beer52 operates a widely stocked beer shop, a ‘beer school’ and the annual CyberFest beer festival.

There are two subscription options to choose from in the Beer Club: mixed (light and dark beers) or light only. Each box contains eight beers, a snack and magazine.

Our mixed box includes a varied selection from European breweries, including two notable Czech beers: a 5% ABV pale ale and Morion dry stout. Also included in our box is a small packet of jalapeño roasted chickpeas and a copy of Beer52’s own magazine, Ferment, packed with plenty of brewery recommendations and a detailed tasting guide with notes on the beers in the box. Overall, a great value box for true enthusiasts.

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Beer52 beer subscription

Hop Burns & Black, from £49.95 a month

The All Killer No Filler beer subscription from south-East London based Hop Burns & Black includes up to 12 cans of meticulously curated superlative beers, many of them limited-edition and award-winning.

It’s easy to order, with options for a rolling monthly (£49.95 plus shipping) or three- (£141), six- (£276) or 12-month (£540) subscriptions.

Each box comes with in-depth tasting notes, food pairings, recipes from food writer Claire Bullen (our box includes a chana masala to pair with a double IPA) and beer reviews. We particularly enjoy the latter, with some evocative prose from writer Matthew Curtis.

Our box contains a seriously varied array of brews, from Belgian Trappist blonde beers, to citrus sours, punchy DIPAs, damson stouts and low-ABV numbers. With the variety on offer, quality of beers and in-depth tasting notes and guides, this is a great choice for craft beer nerds who are keen to ferret out unusual and hard-to-find brews.


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Hop Burns and Black beer subscription

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