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Best non-alcoholic wines to buy

Published: December 17, 2020 at 4:39 pm

Looking for the best non-alcoholic wines to buy? Discover our wine expert's top booze-free picks including white, red, rosé and sparkling.

Demand for non-alcoholic drinks is booming as so many of us seek healthier lifestyles by cutting down on booze, or cutting it out completely. Non-alcoholic wine, or ‘de-alcoholised’ wine as it should more properly be called, has been around for a while but has long suffered from a reputation as being lacklustre and disappointing compared to its full-strength versions. The good news is that this demand is driving winemakers to raise their game and we are now seeing more and more decent brands coming onto the market.


The problem for serious wine lovers is that so much of what we love about wine – the complexity of aromas and flavours as well as the mouth-filling textures – are removed along with the buzz of the alcohol. There are hundreds of

flavour and aroma compounds found in wine and while some of these can be re-blended back in after the alcohol is extracted, the full gamut of wine’s sensations can never be fully replicated in its booze-free brothers so, while improvements in technology and winemaking techniques have led to increased quality, it’s good to approach them with realistic expectations to avoid disappointment.

Sparkling wine is often most successful in non-alcoholic form because the bubbles add extra texture and interest, and also make the wine seem less sickly. The best makers successfully balance fruitiness, sweetness and refreshing acidity to make fizz that still has a celebratory feel despite being alcohol-free.

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Sugar is often added to de-alcoholised wines to give them a richer mouthfeel but this can make them unpalatably sweet. Chilling wine cuts its sweetness so make sure you give whites and sparkling wines plenty of time in the fridge before you drink them. Most reds will also benefit from being slightly cool to stop them tasting soupy, so chill them for 20 minutes or so before serving.

Much of the pleasure of wine is in the rituals of our drinking, as well as the pleasure of what’s in the glass. It is an act of relaxation, a simple, civilised and civilising enjoyment, taken alone or shared with friends over a meal. Cutting out the booze needn’t mean we miss out on all this, but do make the best of the occasion and of your bottle by using your best glasses and making sure they’re spotlessly clean.

See the results of our 2022 wine awards non-alcoholic category below.

Best non-alcoholic wines to buy

Thomson & Scott Noughty, £8.99, Amazon

Organic, vegan and low in sugar, this 0% sparkler made from chardonnay grapes has a lovely green-apple freshness and clean, bright acidity. One of the best.

Thompson Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Chardonnay

Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling, £10.95, The Great Wine Co.

Weingut Leitz is a very well-respected producer at the forefront of modern German winemaking. This has zippy notes of lime, crunchy apples and a hint of rhubarb, and its labelling is super-smart.

Eins Zwei Zero Sparkling

La Gioiosa Sparkling, £5.99, Ocado

From one of Italy’s leading prosecco makers, this packs plenty of peachy fruit and pretty floral notes into its fine, cheerful fizz.

La Gioiosa Alcohol Free

M&S Alcohol-Free Sparkling Muscat, £4, Ocado

Rather than being de-alcoholised wine, this is simply muscat grape juice with carbon dioxide to give it its sparkle. Clean and fruity without being cloying.

M&S Alcohol Free Sparkling Muscat

Fritz Müller Zero Alcohol Frizzante, £10.99, Virgin Wines

Soft, creamy bubbles carry a fruity sweetness that’s well balanced by a pleasingly fresh finish.

Fritz Muller Zero Alcohol Frizzante

Nozeco, £3, Tesco

Cheap and cheerful bubbles; quite sweet but easy to drink if served very cold.


Tesco Low-Alcohol Garnacha Rosé, £2.75 ,Tesco

Gorgeous scents of strawberries and mountain herbs in this pretty 0.5%-ABV wine that’ll transport you back to summer.

Tesco Low Alcohol Garnacha Rose

Torres Natureo De Alcoholised Muscat, £6, Sainsbury's

One of the first zero-alcohol wines and still one of the best. Classic floral muscat aromas with wine-like grapeyness. Great with spicy Thai food.

Torres Natureo De-Alcoholised Muscat

The Boar No More Riesling, £6.99, Laithwaites

Another great 0% wine from Weingut Leitz. This retains much of riesling’s zesty fruit and appetising minerality, with just a touch of well-balanced sweetness.

The Boar No More

Sinzero Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon, £9.49, Dry Drinker

Dry Drinker has a huge range of alcohol-free drinks, including beers, ciders and spirits as well as wine. This softly spicy 0.5%-ABV cab sauv is given some muscly body by four months ageing in oak barrels; perfect for a mid-week pasta supper.

Sinzero Riserva Cabernet Sauvignon

De Bortoli The Very Cautious One Shiraz, £6, Ocado

Packed with blackcurrant fruit – it smells a bit like Ribena – but light and fresh with a nice dry finish.

De Bortoli The Very Cautious One Shiraz

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon, £3.50, Ocado

Rich and fruity with a sweetness that would suit a wintery, meaty stew.

Eisberg Cabernet

Stippl, £19.99 for 6, Stippl

Dinky single-serve bottles of white and rosé non-alcoholic wine and grape juice with the addition of appetising botanicals and a little gentle fizz.


The Doctor’s Sauvignon Blanc 2019, £11.99/£9.99 if you buy six, Majestic

Pioneering techniques in the vineyard to naturally lower the sugars in the grapes result in a wine that, while not alcohol-free (it's 9% ABV), is significantly lower in alcohol than its conventional cousins. Classic Kiwi sauvignon blanc notes of gooseberries and freshly cut grass with a clean, crisp finish.

Doctors Sauvignon Blanc

Here are the results of the 2022 wine awards non-alcoholic category

How we chose the winners

The olive team chose 20 categories for own-brand and retailer exclusive supermarket wines, covering different styles, occasions and price points. Whether you need budget bottles for everyday drinking, wines to impress at your next dinner party or wallet-friendly fizz to buy by the case for celebrations, we’ve got you covered. The supermarkets were invited to enter one wine per category (so they had to choose carefully). Every wine was blindtasted by a panel of olive judges (led by olive wine columnist, drinks author and sommelier Kate Hawkings, with Fortnum & Mason drink writer of the year, Henry Jeffreys) and we awarded winner accolades to our favourites. In some categories, where the standard was high, we awarded joint winners. So if you see those labels on your next shop – trust in us. These bottles are brilliant!

Best low and non-alcohol wine

Teetotal or cutting down? These wines deliver all of the flavour and none of the alcohol.

WINNER: Sainsbury’s Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

light green bottle with gold

Crisp and refreshing with orchard fruit notes and a clean, bright finish.

Available from Sainsbury's (£3)

JOINT HIGHLY COMMENDED: Asda Extra Special Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc Low-Alcohol Wine

Delicate and aromatic with a lemony freshness and nice creamy bubbles.

Available from Asda (£3)

JOINT HIGHLY COMMENDED: Tesco Low-Alcohol Cabernet Tempranillo

Clean, plummy fruit, with a pleasing tannic texture. Serve chilled on a summer’s day.


Available from Tesco (£3)

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