Best ever Caribbean recipes

Our 16 best ever Caribbean recipes will add a touch of sunshine to your week ahead. Pair our coconutty Jamaican curries with Caribbean-inspired cocktails and boozy desserts

Jamaican curry pork

A spin on the classic curry goat, this spiced pork curry is melt-in-the-mouth and full of Caribbean flavour.

Jamaican Curry Pork Recipe

Caribbean fish curry

Check out our vibrant fish curry recipe with Caribbean curry powder, punchy Scotch bonnet chillies and creamy coconut milk.

Caribbean Fish Curry Recipe

Jamaican goat curry

This Jamaican goat curry recipe is a great introduction to eating goat. If you can’t get Jamaican curry powder use a mild Madras powder and add a pinch of ground allspice

Cocktail recipe: the classic mojito

The mojito was the cocktail you told us you most wanted the recipe for, and we’re not surprised as it is such a classic. Very refreshing and sure to whisk you away to the Caribbean!

Salt cod fritters

These salt cod fritters take a little extra effort, but they’re so delicious it will definitely be worth it. You can get your fishmonger to skin and bone your cod if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

Jamaican pepperpot stew

This Jamaican pepperpot stew recipe is an easy one-pot to feed the family. Ginger, chilli and allspice spice up the tender beef and sweet potato for a winter warming dish

Papacoco (bavaroise à la papaye)

In the Caribbean, a bavaroise has come to mean a milky (and often alcoholic) fruit drink – quite different from the creamy, fruity French dessert bavarois that is set with gelatine. The most popular flavours are soursop, papaya and guava.

Banana and rum fritters (beignets bananes)

These delicious banana and rum fritters are traditional in The French Caribbean where they’re served every Sunday throughout January until Ash Wednesday. We think they’re delicious any time of year.

Caribbean chicken with spring onion sauce

This Caribbean chicken with spring onion sauce recipe is full of delicious, fresh, zesty flavours. What’s more, it’s ready in just 30 minutes and is both low fat and low calorie, making it the perfect midweek meal.

Rum and raisin bundt

Rum and raisin is a real crowd-pleasing flavour combo. Try this rum and raisin bundt cake warm, for pudding, dolloped with sweetened whipped cream.

Jerk chicken kebabs

If you love the spicy taste of jerk seasoning, then these jerk chicken kebabs are a perfect, easy way to bring the flavours of the Caribbean into your own house. Serve the chicken and pepper skewers with couscous or rice

Dressed crab (Crabe farci)

This is an essential element in any assiette Creole (Creole platter). Blue land crab is now a protected species in the French Caribbean and it is only eaten at specific times of the year, but when the hunting season is open there are countless ways of cooking it. For this recipe you can boil sea crabs with bay leaves and salt, then pull out the flesh from the claws and legs; you will also need to wash and sterilise the shell before filling it. To save time, buy crabmeat from a fishmonger’s. This recipe was taken from Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier (Pavilion, £25).

Mojito cake

Soak light and airy sponges in a mojito-infused sugar syrup, then cover with a zingy lime buttercream. Our mojito cake is an absolute stunner! Recipe created by olive reader Joanne Middleton.

Mojito grilled chicken

We’ve given grilled chicken a mojito twist in this summery BBQ recipe. Rum and sugar caramelise well when cooked together in a marinade – do keep an eye on this as it cooks and adjust the grill to get a nicely browned skin without too much blackening. You can also barbecue the chicken if you like. Serve with rice and a tomato salad.

Creole pork ragoût (Ragout de cochon)

This is the cornerstone of the creole Christmas dinner. Pigs are fed every day on breadfruit, bananas and guavas, so their meat is juicy and flavoursome. This recipe comes from Creole Kitchen by Vanessa Bolosier (Pavilion, £25).

Piña colada tarts

Add a Caribbean twist to your baking with pineapple, coconut and rum flavours of piña colada. Use ready-baked tarts if you want to make this dessert even easier.

Jamaican prawn and sweet potato curry

This Jamaican prawn and sweet potato curry is easy, ready in under an hour and under 500 calories

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