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What is quinoa and where can you buy it?

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Discover what quinoa is, where to shop for it, and how to use it in our ingredient glossary

What is quinoa?

Quinoa is a seed from the amaranth family which originates in South America. It is most commonly cooked and served as a grain and has a nutty flavour. It can be used in a similar way to couscous, pearled barley or rice, as well as in stuffing and sweet bakes. Quinoa also comes in flake and flour forms.


Where to buy quinoa

LoveLife White, Black & Red Quinoa Mix, £2.99/375g, Waitrose

Organic Quinoa Grain, £9.43/1kg, Amazon

Quinoa recipes

Quinoa-coated halloumi with sprouting broccoli and romesco dressing

Coat salty halloumi in a layer of quinoa for an added layer of crunch. Our veggie salad is quick to make and served with an easy romesco dressing and seasonal sprouting broccoli.

Buddha bowls with shredded sprouts and beets

Buddha bowls are generous portions of good-for-you ingredients piled into a bowl as a healthy but filling salad. They’re balanced in veggies and carbs and grains with quinoa providing extra protein, so choose what you fancy and get filling!


Burritos with black beans, sweetcorn and quinoa

A colourful, vegan burrito recipe, rammed with tomatoes, black beans, sweetcorn, lime, coriander, avocado and red chilli. It’s a super lunch idea, ready in 30 minutes.