Chipotle paste

What is chipotle paste and where can you buy it?

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What is chipotle paste?

Chipotle paste is made from a purée of chipotle chillies, which are jalapeño chillies that have been smoked and dried. It usually includes ingredients such as onion, garlic, tomato purée, vinegar, spices, dried herbs and sugar. The paste originates in Mexico and can be used in a variety of ways, from stirring through soups and stews to coating meat and vegetables for roasting.


Where to buy chipotle paste

Cooks’ Ingredients Chipotle Paste, £1.79/90g, Waitrose

Santa Maria Chipotle Paste, £2.09/100g, Amazon

Chipotle  paste recipes

Tomato, chipotle and rice soup

This filling tomato soup really packs a punch, thanks to all that chipotle paste. Add plenty of fresh ginger for even more warmth.

Tomato, chipotle and rice soup

Black bean slow-cooker chilli

Check out our easy slow-cooker chilli with black beans and fiery chipotle chilli paste. This is a low-calorie veggie recipe that the whole family will love.

Chipotle Black Bean Chilli Recipe