Various plates scattered over a washed blue wooden surface, filled with a sub roll of blackened cod, lettuce, salsa and creamy sauce

Blackened cod po’ boys

  • serves 4
  • Easy

A style of cooking associated with Cajun cuisine, blackening involves coating fish in melted butter and spices before cooking until charred for a great, smoky flavour


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  • celery 1 stick, finely chopped
  • yellow pepper ½, finely chopped
  • red onion ½ small, finely chopped
  • white wine vinegar 1 tsp
  • sugar a pinch
  • mayonnaise 100g
  • gherkins 2, finely chopped
  • garlic 2 cloves, crushed
  • lemon juice 1 tsp
  • skinless white fish (such as cod or haddock) 4 firm fillets
  • butter 50g, melted
  • white sub rolls 4, or 1 large soft baguette cut into 4 pieces
  • iceberg lettuce ¼, finely shredded


  • paprika 1 tbsp
  • onion granules 2 tsp
  • garlic granules 2 tsp
  • cayenne 1 tsp
  • ground white pepper 2 tsp
  • dried thyme 1 tsp
  • dried oregano 1 tsp


  • Step 1

    Combine the celery, pepper, onion, vinegar, sugar and a pinch of salt in a bowl, and mix well. Set aside.

  • Step 2

    Mix together the mayo, gherkins, garlic and lemon juice with a pinch of salt and pepper in a bowl. Set aside.

  • Step 3

    Heat a barbecue for direct cooking. For the spice mix, combine the paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne, white pepper, thyme, oregano and 1 tbsp of salt in a wide, shallow bowl. Dip the fish fillets in the melted butter until fully coated, then dip into the spice mixture to coat.

  • Step 4

    If using a fish cage, put the fish inside and secure the cage. If not, make sure the grill is clean and oil the bars using a piece of kitchen paper, cloth or a brush (don’t pour oil directly onto the grill). This will help prevent the fish from sticking.

  • Step 5

    Cook the fish for 5 minutes on each side or until cooked through and blackened in places – the exact cooking time will depend on the thickness of the fillets.

  • Step 6

    Split the buns, spread with the mayonnaise and add some of the lettuce and chopped salad. Top with the fish, then close the sandwiches and serve.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 524
  • Fat 31.6g
  • Saturates 8.5g
  • Carbs 26.8g
  • Sugars 4g
  • Fibre 4.2g
  • Protein 31.1g
  • Salt 4.9g