A batch of golden vegan scones on a cooling rack, with a pot of cream and jam

Vegan afternoon tea recipes

Afternoon tea is a classic teatime treat that no one should miss, which is why we've come up with these lip-smacking vegan versions, from soft and fluffy scones, to moist carrot cake and dairy-free cupcakes

Looking for vegan afternoon tea recipes? Try light and fluffy vegan scones, vegan brownies and plenty of sweet recipes using vegan alternatives such as aquafaba, soy milk and vegan chocolate. Then, check out our vegan cakes and vegan desserts.


To learn about how to serve afternoon tea from the best (for example, how The Ritz’s afternoon tea is assembled), visit one of the best afternoon teas in London to pick up tips. Looking for plant-based gifts? Check out our pick of the best vegan hampers.

Vegan afternoon tea recipes

Vegan sausage rolls

Though not a traditional afternoon tea component, we think these meaty mushroom sausage rolls would make a brilliant addition to your vegan spread.

Vegan scones

Afternoon tea, but make it vegan: recreate these soft and fluffy vegan scones and serve with your favourite pot of tea.

Strawberry and Pimm’s boozy jam

This quick, easy and 100% vegan jam recipe with juicy strawberries and Pimm’s is perfect for a summery afternoon tea spread.

Classic vegan carrot cake

This non-dairy version of a classic carrot cake is just as moist as the original, satisfying both vegan and non-vegan friends and family.

Vegan chocolate cupcakes

These moreish dairy-free cupcakes are topped with a decadent swirl of rich chocolate frosting and wouldn’t look out of place on your favourite cake stand.

Vegan lemon sheet cake

This vegan spin on classic lemon cake makes for a much lighter bake that’s ideal as part of an afternoon spread – it uses olive oil in place of butter and chia seeds instead of eggs.

Vegan brownies

Level up your afternoon tea spread with our unique recipe for chocolate brownies – they’re so chocolatey and decadent, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe they’re dairy-free.

Vegan shortbread biscuits

Follow this recipe for wonderfully crumbly vegan biscuits, paired perfectly with a just-made pot of earl grey.

Vegan chocolate cake

Espresso powder is sandwiched together with luxurious (and butter-free) chocolate buttercream, offering chocolatey flavours perfect for afternoon tea.

Vegan meringues

If you didn’t think meringues could be vegan, think again: the brine from a tin of chickpeas (also known as aquafaba) takes over from eggs in this meringue recipe, making a charming addition to serve alongside your sweet treats.

Vegan lemon drizzle cake

A serving of delicate, zingy lemon cake will never go amiss at afternoon tea. This recipe, which is made without eggs, milk or butter, has a wonderful lemony tang thanks to a good-quality lemon extract (we use Nielsen-Massey).

Vegan flapjacks

We think these nutty, dairy-free flapjacks, featuring dates and nut butter, hit all the afternoon tea spots.

Fruit balls

Full of natural sweetness instead of refined sugar, these little fruity bites with dates, raisins, nuts and dried apricots make a healthier addition to your vegan spread. Serve each bite-sized treat in a mini cupcake case.

Turmeric chai tea

Turn any leftover turmeric into a warming pot of chai tea – it’s really simple to make and would make a welcome addition to your spread.