Shakshuka Recipe with Lamb Meatballs

Easy lamb mince recipes

Make the most of minced lamb with our easy ideas, from hearty meatballs to comforting shepherd's pie and sausage rolls

Looking for lamb mince recipes? Want the best meatballs or easy ragu recipes? Try our ideas below, including comforting pies and simple sausage rolls.


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Lamb mince recipes

Spicy lamb filo pie

An aromatic blend of lamb mince, sweet spices, harissa and sweet potato, all wrapped up in a crisp filo case and drenched in yogurt hummus sauce.

Lamb koftas with jewelled rice

Make the most of lamb mince for dinner with Gurdeep Loyal’s zesty lamb koftas, presented on a bed of vibrant jewelled rice flavoured with pomegranate seeds, cumin, coriander, cardamom pods, saffron and pistachio.

A platter of koftas with pomegranate rice

Easy shepherd’s pie

Our simple recipe for this comforting classic is filled with succulent minced lamb and tender veggies. Season with rosemary and thyme and add a splash of Worcestershire sauce for extra savoury flavour.

Classic moussaka

Layers of minced lamb, potato and aubergine, covered in white sauce and baked to make the classic Greek dish moussaka. Greek salad is all you need on the side.

Easy Moussaka Recipe

Healthy lamb meatballs

Flavour homemade lamb meatballs with dried apricots and fresh mint, then serve with herb-flecked bulgur wheat for a healthy midweek dinner.

Meatballs served on top of bulgur wheat

Lamb sausage rolls

Looking for a quirky picnic offering? Try these meaty, spring lamb sausage rolls with mint and lemon. Buy all-butter pastry if you want to really impress.

Lamb meatballs with labneh and flatbreads

Combine gently spiced minced lamb, date and pine nut meatballs with thick, creamy labneh and plenty of herbs to make a great plated starter or canapés.

Lamb, pea and wild garlic lasagne

Minced lamb, peas and wild garlic meet in this indulgent lasagne, brought to you by Mitshel Ibrahim, head chef of Ombra, a Venetian-styled bacaro in London.

Grating parmesan over a plate of lasagne

Lamb naanwich

Try our lamb naanwich recipe, it’s a super quick and easy spicy dinner, ready on the table in 30 minutes. Spiced lamb mince, fresh tomatoes and minty yogurt are a winning combination.

Lamb meatball shakshuka

Take your shakshuka to the next level with cumin lamb meatballs. Rich sauce, baked eggs and feta make this a seriously satisfying dinner.

Lamb, tomato and oregano ragu

Swap same-old spag bol for this velvety lamb mince sauce, made light and fragrant with fresh oregano. Serve with a scattering of parmesan.

Lamb and dill meatballs with horiatiki salad

Prepare a zingy Greek-style salad to serve with homemade lamb meatballs for an easy summer dinner. Combine minced lamb with red onion, cumin and dill for plenty of flavour.


Sri Lankan mutton rolls

Peter Kuruvita’s Sri Lankan mutton rolls mixes lamb mince, potatoes, mint leaves and green chillies in a breadcrumb coating. They’re packed full of flavour and extremely more-ish.

Mutton rolls on a plate