Barbecue chicken and sausages with Carolina mustard BBQ sauce

Easy BBQ chicken recipes

Celebrate summer with our easy barbecue chicken recipes, from honey chicken thighs to chilli wings and Bajan-style grills

Looking for the best BBQ chicken recipes? Want the best chicken wings or thighs? See our ideas below for vibrant flavours, then chicken out our BBQ recipes.


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Easy BBQ chicken recipes

Ras el hanout and honey BBQ chicken thighs

Marinate chicken thighs in warming ras el hanout and sweet honey for a fragrant twist on classic BBQ chicken.

BBQ chilli chicken wings

These juicy chicken wings are spiced with paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper and fresh oregano. Crisp on the barbecue and serve with a light yogurt sauce to feed a hungry horde.

Perfect BBQ chicken

Learn how to cook a perfectly seasoned and juicy chicken on the barbecue and get the most out of your chicken with all our best tricks of the trade.

BBQ chicken and sausages with a Carolina mustard BBQ sauce

Fiery, piquant and less sweet than other varieties, Carolina BBQ sauce complements caramelised, smoky meat perfectly.

BBQ butter chicken wings

Check out these super-succulent, creamy BBQ butter chicken wings from chef Karam Sethi from Indian restaurant Brigadiers.

Bajan chicken

A classic chicken dish from Barbados, chicken legs are marinated in a scotch bonnet, marjoram and lime seasoning, then barbecued until brown and fragrant.