BBQ pulled pork

Best pulled pork recipes

From traditional BBQ flavours to Asian-inspired feasts, impress with our succulent slow-cooked pulled pork dishes

Looking for the best BBQ pulled pork recipe? Want to make the ultimate pulled pork sandwich? Check out our pulled pork recipes for BBQs and beyond, then try our BBQ recipes.


Easy pulled pork ideas

Slow-cooker pulled pork

Get perfect pulled pork every time with this easy recipe. Put the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave for eight hours to let the spices infuse.

Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with kohlrabi slaw

These tender and juicy BBQ buns are the no-hassle way to please a crowd. This succulent pork shoulder dish will last well in the freezer – that’s if there’s any left.

Spicy BBQ pork buns with kohlrabi slaw

Pulled pork hornado

Get a taste of Ecuador with this delicious melt-in-the-mouth recipe. Served with a super crispy crackling, this dish will be the centrepiece no matter the occasion.

Slow Roast Pulled Pork Recipe (Hornado)

Pulled pork carnitas with tomatillo salsa 

Check out our lighter version of this Mexican favourite – meltingly tender meat finished with a fresh tomatillo salsa. Make a vibrant Mexican feast with our favourite Mexican recipes.

Pork Carnitas Recipe

Slow-roast pulled pork with chilli and orange

Our easy slow-roast recipe brings the Japanese flavours of miso, chilli and orange to the tenderness of a typical pulled pork dish.

Slow-roast pork with chilli and orange

Sloppy joe buns

This super-soft chipotle pulled pork is made in the slow cooker then stuffed into brioche buns with avocado and pickled jalapeños. A great, fuss-free recipe for a crowd.

Sloppy joe buns

BBQ pulled pork

Pork gets dressed in a spiced rub of cayenne pepper, cumin, mace and brown sugar before spending three-and-a-half hours in the oven. The result is tender pulled pork that’s perfect for eating in soft white rolls at summery social gatherings.

Soft white rolls filled with dark brown pulled pork

Pull pork mole with chipotle and coffee

Our creative coffee-infused recipe brings new life to slow-cooked pork. Wrap the tender, flavour-packed meat in warm tortillas for the perfect serve.

Pork Mole Recipe with Chipotle and Coffee

Pulled pork pibil

This one-pot pulled pork dish not only looks and tastes great, but it’s also low in calories. It’s a great example of super easy slow-cooking – and it serves eight. We have plenty more one pots for you to try, too.

Cochinita Pibil With Pork

Korean slow-roast shoulder of pork.

Our Asian-inspired pulled pork dish is perfect for big groups – cook it the day before and reheat when you need it. Serve on the middle of the table and let guests make their own succulent pork and lettuce wraps.

Korean Slow Roast Pork Shoulder Recipe

Pork and green chilli burritos

Our punchy paprika-spiced pulled pork wraps are a simple but effective Mexican dish. This spicy and smokey recipe will easily serve six.

Pork Burritos Recipe with Green Chilli

Crispy five-spice sriracha pork belly 

Shred this five-spice pork berry and served with rice, noodles or bao buns. This versatile dish is packed with punchy flavours and promises great crackling as well as tender meat.

Roast Pork Belly Recipe With Pork Belly Marinade