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These slightly tart little berries are a classic summertime ingredient in Britain, their refreshingly sharp flavour working well in both sweet and savoury dishes. From a classic gooseberry fool to fruity gooseberry jam and a comforting crumble, we've got plenty of seasonal recipe inspiration.

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When are gooseberries in season?

UK gooseberry season starts in June and ends in August. Wondering when is the best time to pick them? Gooseberries are at their best in July, so picking them then will ensure maximum flavour and sweetness.

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How to serve gooseberries

Though gooseberries are typically served in sweet and/or creamy creations, due to their tart flavour, they were historically served with fattier, savoury dishes. In France, they are especially enjoyed with mackerel. We love them in bakes, tarts and made into jam.

Health benefits of gooseberries

Gooseberries are a nutritious fruit. They're high in fibre yet low in calories, which means they may aid weight loss. Rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, gooseberries may protect the body against disease. Studies suggest eating them may help to lower blood sugar levels, making them a good choice for those with diabetes.

How to freeze gooseberries

Ideally freeze gooseberries as soon as possible after picking or when they are ripe.

  1. Wash the berries thoroughly and cut off the stalks.
  2. Place them on a tray and spread out fairly evenly.
  3. Transfer them to the freezer for 1-2 hours or until frozen
  4. Separate and portion the gooseberries into freezer bags, knocking the air out when tying these. Label and place them in the lowest part of the freezer to help them freeze quickly again.

Easy gooseberry recipes

Gooseberry crumble

These easy cinnamon and gooseberry crumble pots make great individual puds. Make a batch and freeze some for when you need a sweet hit or have people over for dinner.

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Individual pots of gooseberry crumble

Gooseberry jam

Effortless and quick, this recipe will put your bounty of gooseberries to delicious, sticky use. Add fresh ginger and vanilla bean for a mature flavour.

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Gooseberry jam and granola on top of yogurt in a bowl

Gooseberry fool

The tartness of gooseberries is the perfect foil for whipped cream and syrupy elderflower cordial in this dessert that can be put together quickly.

Three gooseberry, elderflower and mint fools in glass jars

Gooseberry pie

This gooseberry sugar crust pie is a great alternative to apple or rhubarb for the summer months, and it looks stunning. Use a mix of pink- and green-skinned gooseberries for a colourful filling.

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Gooseberry Pie Recipe

Gooseberry cake

Make the most of these fresh and tart British summer berries in a comforting almond cake lifted with sweet elderflower drizzle.

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Gooseberry and Almond Cake Recipe with Elderflower Drizzle

Gooseberry frangipane bars

Tart gooseberry compote is sandwiched between puff pastry and soft, sweet frangipane in these little bars that go perfectly with an afternoon cuppa.

You'll love our pistachio and lemon bakewell tart.

Frangipane bars topped with flaked almond and drizzles of icing on a blue background

BBQ prawns with roasted gooseberry salsa

Believe it or not, prawns and gooseberries are made for each other. Try them together in this super-simple summer dish.

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A silver tray topped with juicy pink prawns with a green sauce on the side

Gooseberry meringue pie

This gooseberry and elderflower meringue pie is a wonderful twist on lemon meringue pie, and is a great dessert to make when gooseberries are in season. Ready-made shortcrust pastry makes the recipe much more straightforward, too.

Keep it classic with lemon meringue pie.

Gooseberry Meringue Pie Recipe

Chicken and gooseberry tagine

Choose red gooseberries for this aromatic tagine, if you can find them. They bring sweetness and tartness to the dish.


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Blue bowl filled with a red tagine with chunks of chicken and gooseberries next to a bowl of couscous

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