Quick Dill Pickle Recipe

Best pickling recipes

Learn how to pickle fruit and veg at home with our easy recipes, top tips and advice from experts. Try a new foodie activity, learn a new skill and make delicious treats along the way

Get to grips with a fun new skill at home and try pickling your favourite fruit and veggies. We have all the information you need to get started, including classic recipes and delicious modern twists.


Despite what you might think, you don’t need lots of specialist equipment and expert know-how to get started with pickling. You probably have what you need at home in your storecupboard. Most pickles are made by soaking (mostly) raw, fresh ingredients in a vinegar-based brine with sugar and salt, flavoured with spices and herbs.

You can pickle ingredients for days or months, and transform everyday ingredients into something special. Add some crunch to your favourite sandwiches, a stunning charcuterie platter or an epic bbq burger with our favourite recipes.

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Best pickling recipes

Top pickling tips

  • Always use the freshest veggies possible to retain that all important crunch.
  • Experiment and have fun to find your new favourite spice combinations. A sprinkling of chilli, a spoonful of mustard or a couple of kaffir lime leaves go a long way.
  • Use kosher, sea or pickling salt rather than normal table salt, which contains caking agents such as iodine, which can cloud the brines and inhibit the growth of beneficial bacteria during fermentation.
  • You can also add flavour to your vinegars or brine by adding things like elderflower, shiso, liquorice or pineapple weed.
  • Garlic can turn blue during brining, don’t panic! It won’t harm the pickle.

Pickle recipes to try at home

Easy pickled veg

The best recipe for pickled vegetables and also the simplest. We’ve used leeks, carrots, radishes and fennel, but you can experiment with what you’ve got. This simple recipe can be made in just 20 minutes and left until needed – crunch guaranteed.

Dill pickles

Kick off your pickling adventures with a classic; the dill pickle. No burger would be complete without a few of these garlicky beauties. They also work well with salt beef or as part of a charcuterie board. It takes around a week for these cucumber slices to soak up all the flavours of the brine.

Marinated pickled cucumber

This is a great Scandinavian pickled cucumber accompaniment for a ham centrepiece or a side of salmon (try our gravadlax) that only takes minutes to make. An essential part of any smorgasbord.

Turmeric pickled eggs

Revamp a retro classic and add some oomph to your lunch with these pickled eggs – the turmeric, mustard, coriander and pepper make a delicate blend no one could resist.

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Chilli pickled radishes

We recommend making a couple of jars of these fiery pickled radishes – they’re sure to disappear quickly. Serve them with a selection of cheeses and cured meats or a super smooth pâté.

Fill your plate with even more easy radish recipes and make the most of this seasonal star.

Pickled cherries

Dark, juicy and literally bursting with flavour, our pickled cherries recipe is the perfect way to preserve these fabulous fruits. This quick pickle is the ideal balance of sweet cherry flavour and sharp white wine vinegar. Try them with salads, roast pork or a charcuterie selection.

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Pink pickled rhubarb with ginger

This jar of vibrant pickled rhubarb is super-quick to make and can be a great gift for your foodie friends. Serve with oily fish like mackerel or cold meats and cheeses.

Try your hand at our easy rhubarb recipes for delectable sweet and savoury ideas.

Spiced pickled shallots

A traditional pickled onion is a thing of beauty. If you like a very crunchy shallot, feel free to break these open after 10 days of pickling, but 3-4 weeks will give you a more traditional texture. They also make a thoughtful homemade gift for fellow food-enthusiasts.

Pink pickled turnips

If you’re putting together a spread of dips, breads and small bites, our vibrant pink pickled turnips are a must-try. Believe us when we say they taste as good as they look. Serve with warm flatbread, a slathering of hummus and maybe a chilli or two.

From simple starters to hearty mains, our easy turnip recipes truly make the most of this delicious root veg.

Pickled peaches

Pickling is an easy way to preserve fruit, like peaches. This simple recipe, served with Italian whipped cheese, is quick and makes the best lunch or posh snack for sharing with friends and family.

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