Speculoos cheesecake cut into slices

Best Biscoff recipes

Use golden, caramelised Biscoff to make irresistible cookies, fudge and cheesecakes

Looking for Biscoff recipes? Want to make the best easy bakes? Try our classic treats such as cookies, fudge and cheesecake. For more ideas, see our easy dessert recipes.


Best Biscoff recipes

Biscoff cookies

Chewy, golden cookies with crunchy biscuit crumbs and a melting Biscoff middle.

Biscoff pancakes

Ever thought of swirling Biscoff through your next batch of pancakes? Give it a whirl for an indulgent brunch dish, served with a Biscoff drizzle, toasted pecans and sliced banana.

Biscoff Pancakes on two plates topped with sliced banana

Biscoff cheesecake

This recipe uses Biscoff biscuits and spread to create a truly indulgent cheesecake.

Quick Biscoff fudge

Make this golden fudge in just 20 minutes (plus a little cooling time). It’s flavoured with Lotus Biscoff smooth spread and a pinch of sea salt flakes.

No-bake tahini cheesecake

Tahini is the key to this creamy, delectable cheesecake, made even more delicious with a Lotus Biscoff biscuit base.

Caramac cheesecake

This luxuriously creamy malted caramel dessert is easy to make, and sure to impress. Use Lotus Biscoff biscuits for the base or drizzle with Biscoff spread.