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Aperol spritz

  • serves 1
  • Easy

Whip up this classic Italian aperitif in minutes using Aperol and prosecco, then try our clever twists on the spritz for summer drinking


What is an Aperol spritz?

This slightly bitter, vibrantly hued drink has been a staple aperitif in Italy since the 1950s but has exploded in global popularity in the past few years.

How to make an Aperol spritz

Make sure you use a good-quality prosecco, and just a dash of soda water. Serve your Aperol spritz immediately, before the ice melts and dilutes the drink.

Aperol spritz recipe



  • Aperol 60ml
  • prosecco 90ml, chilled
  • sparkling water a splash
  • orange slice to garnish


  • Step 1

    Put some ice in a chilled large wine glass or tumbler, and pour over the Aperol, followed by the prosecco and the sparkling water. Stir briefly and serve with a slice of orange.

Try these Aperol spritz alternative recipes

Cynar spritz 

Swap the Aperol for 60ml of Cynar and garnish with an olive for an earthier take on a spritz. Other bitter aperitifs such as Campari or Suze also work well.

Beer Aperol spritz 

Add some ice to a collins glass and pour over 50ml of Aperol. Top up with either a citrussy IPA or Belgian-style wheat beer, stir briefly and garnish with a slice of orange.

Aperol mimosa 

Check out our twist on a classic buck’s fizz using Aperol.

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