Best ever Marmite recipes

Discover nine of our best Marmite recipes, all of them quick and easy to make and really indulgent. Love it or hate it, you should all give those bagels a go...

Have you seen the news? According to researchers from York University (April 2017), eating Marmite could increase brain power and might even help stave off dementia! That’s some powerful yeast extract.


The study recorded changes in electrical brain activity for those participants who ate just 1tsp of Marmite a day. Apparently, Marmite’s high concentration of vitamin B12 increases chemicals that are thought to protect against neurological disorders. 

True or not (and we hope it is), we’ll always love Marmite at olive HQ. So let’s celebrate that yeasty spread with some absolutely cracking recipes that make the most out of it, including Marmite muffins, Marmite bagels, sticky Marmite nuts and seeds, Marmite bread and even a Marmite spaghetti carbonara!

Cheese and Marmite flapjacks

A great way to pack in the oats without adding tons of sugar – cheese and Marmite together is an umami bomb.

Cheese Flapjacks Recipe with Marmite

Marmite chicken

Check out Luiz Hara’s crunchy marmite chicken with a quick cucumber pickle. This simple but moreish dish is packed with flavour and an easy weekend recipe to serve friends.

Marmite Chicken Recipe

Gruyère, spring onion & Marmite muffins

Marmite adds a fun twist to this recipe and gives a delicious savoury flavour to these cheese and onion muffins. Perfect for a quick snack on-the-go.

marmite muffins

Marmite glazed nuts & seeds

These Marmite glazed nuts and seeds are seriously addictive and perfect for a quick snack. If you like Twiglets you’ll love this salty savoury mix!

marmite nuts

Marmite carbonara

Love it or hate it as they say! This quick and easy spaghetti carbonara recipe is a twist on the classic dish using Marmite which gives it a delicious flavour. Serve with a generous sprinkle of parmesan and parsley

marmite carbonara

Marmite marbled bagels

Like Marmite? Then you’ll love our swirly marbled bagels. They’re a little tricky to make, but so worth the effort. Set aside some time this weekend and give them a go!

Gruyere, spring onion and marmite muffins

Marmite adds a fun twist to this recipe and gives a delicious savoury flavour to these cheese and onion muffins. Perfect for a quick snack on-the-go.

marmite muffins

Dan’s Marmite hollandaise

Dan Doherty has combined two things we love into one with his Marmite hollandaise. It gives the hollandaise a deep, rich, almost cheesy flavour.

Sixtyone’s Marmite bread

Sixtyone is a rare combination of a smart destination and neighbourhood restaurant, situated on the edge of residential Marylebone. The kitchen is headed up by Arnaud Stevens, whose Anglo-French background is reflected in the menu of modernised classics. Every meal starts with a bread basket in which you might find soda bread, ficelles and the Marmite bread that locals happily pop in to buy during the week. We’ve asked them to share their recipe with us here.

Marmite and cheddar muffins

Marmite adds a deliciously savoury kick to these cheesy muffins. They make a delicious on-the-go snack, and are a great way to use that jar in your cupboard. Try our other muffin recipes here

Marmite bagels

This recipe for Marmite bagels combines two of our favourite breakfast items in one great bake. Smother them in butter or more Marmite, if you can handle it.


You can read more about Marmite and its potential powers here