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Food and soft drink pairing: expert guide

Published: December 2, 2015 at 2:44 pm

Don't fancy wine with dinner tonight? Read our guide to pairing soft drinks with food, including ideas for elderflower cordial and tonic water

Edward James Hunnibell Wright, master blender at bottlegreen drinks, can pair food to any soft drink going. Read on for meal ideas to match elderflower, lime and berry cordials, as well as tonic water.


Elderflower cordial

Elderflower cordial is the perfect partner for oriental chicken or citrus chicken dishes. In fact most white meats go well with elderflower, as do most light prawn dishes and white fish. Sea bass and dover sole are an excellent pairing because the light, delicate fish complements the floral nature of elderflower.

Try elderflower cordial with fresh herby salads and strong cheeses, such as feta and stilton. It will also work with the creamy nature of a sharp, tangy goats' cheese, as well as fresh pasta – elderflower will cut through any creamy sauce with ease.

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Lime cordial

Lime cordial is delicious alongside lighter fish dishes such as roasted sea bass, because the crisp and tangy flavours from the lime brings out any subtle notes in your fish.

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Berry cordial

The rich and aromatic taste of berry-based cordials (especially spiced ones) makes it the perfect partner for stronger-flavoured meats such as game and lamb – the richness of the berries encourages robust flavours. It’s also lovely with festive seasonal meats, including roast duck.

Tonic water

Classic tonic waters are the perfect accompaniment for food because they’re so bitter... as such, they cut through any strong flavours and refresh the palate. It pairs particularly well with Indian and Middle Eastern food, as well as sweeter meat dishes.

Light tonic water

For those who are counting the calories, slimline tonic water is lovely alongside anything with delicate and lighter flavours such as salads, quiches and courgetti with homemade pesto.

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