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Best reusable coffee cups

We've found the best reusable coffee cups that are leek-proof, stylish and easy to use

Looking for the best reusable coffee cups? Here’s our round-up of the best coffee cups from glass cups to stainless-steel coffee cups to use for your coffee in the morning while doing your bit to help the environment and cut down on waste.


Stojo collapsible cup

This bright coffee cup with lid and heat sleeve collapses into a disk so you can throw it straight into your bag. It’s light and very compact.


Oliver Bonas Stojo green coffee cup

Huskup reusable eco coffee cup

Made from rice husk, this 100% biodegradable cup is microwavable and dishwasher safe, too. It can handle both hot and cold temperatures and has a simple block print design.


Huskup reusable eco coffee cup


This stylish and affordable model is made partly from used paper coffee cups. Sturdy and sleek, a nifty open-and-close button is simple to use, leak-proof and provides a 360° rim to drink from.


Black and mustard rCup

KeepCup brew – cork edition

This simple, functional cup is made from durable tempered soda lime glass, with a protective recycled cork band. Even with piping-hot coffee inside it was easy to hold and retained heat well. The sipping lid was a little fiddlier than other brands we tried.


A reusable glass cup with a cork heat proof layer and a brown lid

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Frank Green SmartCup

This design-conscious, stainless-steel version comes in multiple chic colours and is neat, light and compact. With a secure, easy-to-use lid, it’s double walled and vacuum insulated.



Frank Green stainless steel SmartCup