Best gooseneck kettles at a glance

  • Best all round kettle: Bodum Bistro gooseneck water kettle 1 litre, £71.95
  • Best value for money kettle: Melitta gooseneck kettle, £21.95
  • Most stylish kettle: Hario Buono drip kettle, £55
  • Best for precise heating: Soulhand pour-over gooseneck water kettle with thermometer, £27.99
  • Best simple kettle: Dualit pour-over fast-boil electric kettle, £84.99
  • Best ergonomic kettle: Brewista artisan 1-litre gooseneck variable kettle, £139

The best gooseneck kettles to buy 2022

Bodum Bistro gooseneck water kettle 1-litre

Gooseneck water kettle against a white backdrop

Best all round kettle

This a really good general purpose kettle. It’s elegant and modern. The gooseneck spout is long, but doesn’t take up too much space because it’s more vertical than wide, which is handy for storing. It isn’t temperature controlled, so it’s just one simple flip of the switch to turn it on. The handle has an ergonomic thumb rest.

You can use this kettle for regular hot drinks, manual pour-over coffees or an aeropress. This is a good option if you are a beginner. Just wait until it comes to the boil and it will automatically switch off. Leave it for a minute and the temperature should drop approximately to the optimum level for your coffee (between 94-96C).

Available from:
Bodum (£144)

Melitta gooseneck kettle

Melitta Gooseneck Kettle

Best value for money kettle

This is probably the best value for money for an entry level gooseneck kettle. It's compatible on any stovetop and very hardy – I’ve taken it away on many trips. I went without a regular kettle for a while and only used this gooseneck kettle on my gas stovetop and it was great. It has a nice angled handle with grooves for your fingers and pours smoothly. One downside is that after multiple uses, the flames from a gas stove can mark the outside of the kettle. It's so affordable, if you are wanting to try a gooseneck out, this is definitely a good option to look at.

Available from:
Melitta (£25)

Hario Buono drip kettle

Most stylish kettle

This kettle was one of my very first gooseneck kettles. Hario is a very reputable Japanese brand that makes not only functional but beautifully simple and elegant home coffee gear – the copper Buono range stands out.

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The kettle comes in two sizes: 600ml or 800ml. The smaller kettle is a little stout, while the larger one is a bit more elegant-looking. However, it’s rare you would make an 800ml pour-over coffee; for two large mugs, you'd likely make 500-600ml of coffee. It's hard to brew large quantities without constantly heating the water to keep the temperature stable. So, if you go for the 800ml, you’re unlikely to fill that to the top, plus it’s heavier to lift and suspend the gooseneck. The 600ml is handily sized and a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Available from:
Hario (£60)

Soulhand pour-over gooseneck water kettle with thermometer

A Soulhand Pourover Gooseneck water kettle with thermometer

Best for precise heating

This kettle is compatible with all stovetops (electric, induction, gas) and made from sleek stainless steel and aluminium. The shape is similar to the Hario Buono kettle above, with an attractive black coating that gives the kettle a slick, modern design.

Conveniently, this model comes with a Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature gauge built into the lid, which is very helpful when heating water on a stovetop. The display clearly shows the ideal temperature range where the needle will land as it heats. The tip of the spout also has a slightly curved shape that allows the water to flow at a good angle. At under £30, this is great value for money.

Available from:
Amazon (£27.99)

Dualit pour-over fast-boil electric kettle

A Dualit Pour over fast Boil Electric Kettle

Best simple kettle

This is a nice and simple temperature-controlled kettle. The temperature can be changed by 1C at a time (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit) and reaches up to 100C with a turn dial.

The kettle has a smooth handle and is easy to operate. You can keep the water at a constant temperature for 5 minutes, which is good for interval pouring. The kettle beeps with key tones, but you can turn it to silent by holding down one button in case you’re up early and want to make your coffee in peace. The interface isn’t as elegant or sophisticated-looking as the others, but has a nice finish and is a reasonable price for a temperature-controlled gooseneck kettle. With its fast-boil functionality, it’s also highly energy efficient.

Available from:
Dualit (£89.99)

Brewista artisan 1-litre goos0eneck variable kettle

Best ergonomic kettle

This gooseneck kettle comes in a variety of finishes, including a white and wooden design for a modern, minimalist kettle.

The handle feels comfortable and ergonomic. The spout has quite an elongated ‘S’ bend, which helps restrict and slow water flow for extra control. I really like the stream of the water flow. There is also a flash-boil function and a ‘keep warm’ setting for interval pouring. Sometimes the LCD touchscreen on the base panel is sensitive to control, but if you like modern aesthetics and technology, this kettle will look great and serve as a very good quality gooseneck kettle for your morning brews.

Available from:
Amazon (£129.95)

What is a gooseneck kettle?

A gooseneck kettle has a long, narrow spout resembling a goose’s neck, hence the name. It's often used when making manual pour-over coffees because of the precise, even pouring and stream of water the spout allows, giving the coffee maker more control.

What should you look for when purchasing a gooseneck kettle?

There are a few key categories to consider:

  • The material of the kettle
  • Whether the kettle is to be used on a stovetop or if it's electric and/or temperature controlled
  • The aesthetic appeal
  • The angle of the gooseneck and shape of the spout, as this will help with precision and flow control, which is primarily the point of this particular design
  • Price
  • How often you make manual pour-over coffees. If it's often, I'd suggest buying a temperature-controlled kettle. If it's every other day, then a more affordable kettle will suffice

What are the benefits of using a gooseneck kettle?

Using a gooseneck kettle is more precise, because pouring hot water from the short spout of a normal kitchen kettle is not smooth or easy to do in a controlled manner. With a gooseneck kettle, you can control the flow rate and where you want your water to land in your bed of coffee.

Which coffee methods benefit from a gooseneck kettle?

A gooseneck kettle is most useful for making pour-over coffee, but you can use it for an aeropress, too. I also often water my hard-to-reach pot plants with mine!

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