Chicken and Squash Recipe with Sage and Fregola

Best roasts recipes

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Ahhh, Sunday roasts… what a wonderful British tradition. Try one of our 50 delicious recipes, from classic roasted beef and a Korean-style pork belly, to leg of lamb, new veggie ideas and our best-ever roast chicken recipe


The Sunday roast is a British institution, along with great pub food. We love roast dinners and there’s nothing better for Sunday dinner. We’ve created an expert guide to the Sunday roast, including recipes for classic roasts and twists on the Sunday roast.

Expect roast chicken and classic roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, vegetarian roast ideas, inspiring roast pork (including an expert guide to create the perfect pork crackling), plus many alternative Sunday roast ideas including ham, duck and guinea fowl. We’ve also come up with the best ever roast potatoes and some epic sides to make Sunday dinner a really indulgent affair. Cheers, and Happy Sunday!



  • Our roasts recipes includes whole chickens, lamb shoulder and pork belly

Roast chicken recipes

Roast chicken is the most popular Sunday roast as it's super easy to make and you can spruce up your recipe in many ways. We have the best and most succulent roast chicken recipes, including a quick alternative for those in a hurry.

Roast chicken with kiev butter

Smother this whole chicken in garlicky, lemony butter and roast for an easy, flavour-packed family roast.


Roast chicken with fregola, squash and sage

Check out our easy roast chicken recipe with crunchy sage and butternut squash. This recipe makes full use of the chicken roasting juices, which are soaked up by the fregola. If you can’t find fregola, substitute with giant couscous or a hearty grain such as pearled spelt or barley.

Chicken and Squash Recipe with Sage and Fregola

Roast chicken with garlic and thyme croutons

Everyone loves a Sunday roast, and this roast chicken with garlic and thyme croutons makes it even better. Big chunky pieces of sourdough make a trivet for roast chicken and soak up all the delicious juices while it cooks.

Roast Chicken Recipe With Garlic and Thyme Croutons

Spiced-yogurt roast chicken

Roast chicken with a twist! Make a simple, spicy marinade from store cupboard ingredients and cover the chicken with it before roasting. This recipe includes potato wedges but you can make roast potatoes using our guide below to accompany the meat.

Spiced yogurt chicken

Koji roast chicken

Koji is a natural umami-packed seasoning made of rice fermented with special mould pores, a key component in Japanese cooking. In this recipe, it is used to marinate the meat and makes a really succulent roast chicken full of delicious flavours. 

Koji Roast Chicken - superfood 2017

Spiced-yogurt roast chicken

Check out our simple roast chicken recipe with a quick spicy yogurt marinade. Serve this easy chicken dish with basmati rice and naans to mop up the juices.

Roast Chicken Recipe with Yogurt

Spatchcock chicken with green sauce

This method of quick-cooking a chicken is very popular in the US, where it’s also called ‘brick chicken’ as a foil-wrapped brick is often used as the weight. Serve with our homemade green sauce and some warm crusty bread to soak up all those delicious juices.

flat iron chicken

Roast chicken and Jerusalem artichokes with lemon and sage butter

Our recipe for roast chicken and Jerusalem artichokes with lemon and sage butter is a great alternative to your usual roast chicken. The flavours work brilliantly together, it serves six and is ready in under an hour.

Preserved lemon poussin with tabbouleh and saffron yogurt

Want a Sunday roast idea? Check out this poussin recipe with preserved lemons. This easy dish makes a great alternative to any weekend roast recipe. Serve with freshly chopped tabbouleh salad and a smooth saffron yogurt.

Poussin Recipe with Preserved Lemons and Tabbouleh

Classic roast beef recipes

Sunday dinner in a local pub often involves roast beef, so we've come up with recipes to make the best roast beef at home. Try our expert beef with red wine gravy, or gourmet beef fillet, and don't forget the Yorkshire puddings and gravy!

Pot-roast brisket with the best gravy

Check out our easy one-pot beef brisket with gravy. Slow cooking brisket in stock and aromatics produces tender meat and a rich gravy.

Beef Brisket Recipe with Gravy

Rib of beef with bone marrow butter

Need a beef recipe? Cooking a huge rib roast can be quite daunting so we love this simplified method and the bone marrow butter takes it to the next level. Ask your butcher to split the bones for you. 

Beef Rib Roast Recipe With Bone Marrow Butter

Slow-cooked brisket with red wine, thyme and onions

Check out this simple slow cooker beef brisket recipe. This easy melt-in-the-mouth beef makes a perfect Sunday roast for when you have guests for dinner.

Slow Cooker Brisket Recipe with Red Wine, Thyme and Onions

Roast beef with red wine gravy

A classic Sunday roast with a fruity redcurrant and wine sauce to serve the whole family. This roast beef recipe is great for an Easter roast.

Roast Beef Recipe With Red Wine Gravy

Beef fillet with spiced pears and chestnut pickle

Our recipe for beef fillet with spiced pears and chestnut pickle is easy to make but offers something a little bit different during the colder months. Buy chestnuts ready-peeled for ease.

You can't have roast beef without Yorkshire puddings, so here's our ultimate guide to Yorkshire puddings.

Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

And, of course, you need a foolproof gravy recipe for any Sunday roast!

Easy Gravy Recipe

Pork roasts

Roast pork with crisp crackling is the ultimate comfort food. We have mastered the art of roast pork and perfect crackling with our recipes, from rolled stuffed pork belly to slow-roast pork shoulder.

Hog roast with spiced apple stuffing

Looking for a hearty centrepiece to serve friends and family? Check out our impressive pork shoulder hog roast with easy spiced apple stuffing. You’ll need butcher’s string to tie this up – if you get your pork from a butcher ask for some string when you buy it.

Stuffed Pork Shoulder Recipe

Slow-cooked crackling pork with sweet and sour cabbage and creamy mustard mash

Check out our impressive pork belly with crunchy cabbage and super creamy mash. There are two tricks here for perfect crackling: salting the skin overnight to dry it out, and giving it a final blast of heat while the meat rests so it can puff up and crisp.

Slow Cooked Pork Belly Recipe with Red Cabbage and Mash

Roast pork loin with apfelkren

Try our easy roast pork with apple horseradish sauce and super crispy crackling. This comforting pork recipe is easy to make and will make for a show-stopping family dinner.

Pork Loin Roast with Apple Horseradish (Apfelkren)

Epic pork crackling

Follow these guidelines to create the perfect crackling on your Sunday roast pork belly, every time. Impress your friends and families with our simple step-by-step guide to the best pork crackling.


Slow-roast fennel pork with confit shallots

Looking for a pork recipe? This slow-roast pork recipe includes fennel seeds and seasonal shallots for extra flavour. It is easy to prepare and perfect for a Sunday roast dinner with your family and friends.


Rolled 'nduja-stuffed pork belly

’Ndjua is a spicy spreadable salami from Calabria and it adds a special twist to Tom Adams’ pork belly recipe. This special recipe is worth the effort. Love pork belly? We have plenty more pork belly recipes here.

Crispy five-spice sriracha pork belly

Want a pork belly recipe? Check out our crispy pork belly with Chinese five-spice. This flavoursome pork recipe is great with rice, noodles or bao buns.

Roast Pork Belly Recipe With Pork Belly Marinade

Slow-roast pork with chilli and orange

Slow-roasting pork shoulder at a low temperature turns a tough, economical cut into tender ‘pulled pork’. Try something a bit different here with the flavours of miso, chilli and orange.

Roast lamb recipes

Whether it's roast lamb and mint sauce, or a slow-roasted leg of lamb, the unique flavour of lamb is a real crowd pleaser. Try our rosemary-stuffed lamb recipe, or a complete recipe for slow-roast shoulder of lamb with all the trimmings.

Ras el hanout spiced leg of lamb with aubergine pilaf

Check out our lamb roast with aromatic ras el hanout and an easy spiced aubergine pilaf. A spicy alternative to a traditional roast, lamb is perfect for soaking up Middle Eastern flavours.

Ras El Hanout Lamb Recipe with Aubergine Pilaf

Slow-cooked lamb and autumn veg one pot

Make our easy slow-cooked lamb with crunchy autumnal veg. This hearty one-pot is lovely served with cooked grains such as pearl barley or spelt.

Easy Lamb Hotpot Recipe with Autumn Vegetables

Roast lamb rump with flageolet and spring veg ragout

Check out our succulent lamb rump recipe with soft and tender flageolet beans and an easy aromatic sauce vierge. Make this easy roast lamb recipe for an alternative Sunday roast.

Lamb with Flageolet Beans Recipe served in a white and grey bowl and a glass of red wine

Rosemary and apricot-stuffed leg of lamb

Want a roast lamb recipe? Learn how to stuff your own leg of lamb with step-by-step help from the olive test kitchen, ideal for a Sunday lunch.

Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe With Rosemary and Apricot Stuffing

Slow-roasted lamb with roasted salsify, brussels sprouts tops and bagna cauda

Our recipe for slow-roasted lamb with roasted salsify, brussels sprouts tops and bagna cauda comes from Bernardi's in London, a more gourmet Sunday roast idea.

Pulled lamb with plum-sriracha

Check out our pulled lamb recipe with a sweet plum-sriracha marinade. This lamb is slow cooked for six hours for the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth meat, serve in the middle of the table for perfect sharing food.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder Recipe with Plums

Roast shoulder of lamb and root vegetables with an onion sauce

Just the ticket for a special Sunday dinner with the family, roast shoulder of lamb is served with baked Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips. Making your own onion gravy is really worth the extra effort.

Roast Lamb Shoulder Recipe With Roast Vegetables And Onion Sauce

Vegetarian roasts and sides

Veggies are an important part of a roast dinner, so we've given roast vegetables proper attention in this collection of vegetarian mains and side dishes.

Stuffed butternut squash with cider cream sauce

Check out our impressive butternut squash recipe with veggie stuffing and a side of crunchy kale. This veggie main becomes a real centrepiece when carved into slices at the table.

Stuffed Butternut Squash Recipe with Cider Cream

Vegan roast-dinner bowls

Cater for vegans this Christmas with our special festive bowls, packed with crispy roasties, parsnips, stuffing balls, cranberry sauce and plenty of gravy.

Vegan Christmas Roast Recipe

Roasted roots and goat's cheese

Earthy beetroot and roasted parsnips and carrots provide a great contrast to the rich, creamy goat's cheese in this dish. This is a really simple vegetarian roast idea that requires very little hands-on time.

Roasted Root Vegetables With Goat's Cheese

Roasted cabbage steaks with hazelnut dressing

Our easy recipe for roasted cabbage steaks makes a subtly sweet and zesty low calorie vegetarian main for four. A great side dish or alternative for a Sunday roast.

Roasted Cabbage Steaks With Hazelnut Dressing

Glazed hasselback squash with sesame-honey-sriracha

Check out our easy roasted butternut squash with sriracha sauce. This hasselback recipe for butternut squash is a simple but great way to spice up your veggies, plus it's low in calories, too.

Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe with Sriracha Sauce

Cauliflower, manchego and almond gratin

Try our easy baked cauliflower with manchego cheese and crunchy almonds. Make this veggie traybake for an indulgent recipe for your roast dinner.

Baked Cauliflower Gratin Recipe With Cheese

Other delicious ideas for Sunday roasts

Move away from the classics and go for a centrepiece of duck or ham to make your roast dinner extra special.

Roast partridge and cinnamon pears with warm barley and roots salad

Chef Mark Lloyd nestles whole partridges in a warm barley base for an easy recipe to cook game at home.

Roast Partridge Recipe with Pears and a Barley and Roots Salad

Sherry-and-quince-glazed ham with pineapple relish

This ham can be scaled up or down in size – just use the calculations in the recipe. Rather than the fuss of boiling then baking, we prefer to tent the ham with foil and bake in its own juices before glazing, why not try this instead of your classic roast.

Glazed Gammon with Pineapple Relish

Roast duck with layered potato cake and spring onion, radish and watercress salad

Get your friends over and serve up a feast of juicy roast duck, duck fat potatoes and a vibrant spring salad for the ultimate entertaining menu.

Roast Duck Recipe with Layered Potato Cake and Watercress Salad

Roast duck with crispy potatoes and mulled-wine cherry sauce

Check out our indulgent roast duck legs with super crispy potatoes and spiced cherry sauce. You can scale this up or down, with one leg and 200-250g of potatoes per person.

Duck Leg Recipes with Potatoes

Roast salmon with herb crust and brown shrimp butter

Want an impressive alternative roast? Check out our roast salmon with a crunchy herb crust and buttery new potatoes.

Herb Crusted Salmon Recipe with New Potatoes

Dan Doherty's maple-glazed gammon with roasted chicory, and fennel and apple slaw

This maple-glazed gammon recipe from Dan Doherty is a clever update on a classic roast. Serve it with bittersweet chicory and a fresh slaw to cut through the salt.

Dan Doherty's Gammon Recipe With Roast Chicory, Fennel and Apple Slaw

Slow-roast duck with sweet tamarind

This tender and sticky duck serves four and would make for a great centre piece for Sunday dinner. Get everyone involved and carve this one on the table before you serve it up with basmati rice and pak choy.

Slow-roasted duck with sweet tamarind

Maryland stuffed ham

A traditional Thanksgiving favourite in southern Maryland, this unusual recipe from Felicity Cloake stuffs brined ham with a piquant mix of highly spiced greens. Not only does this cut through the rich meat beautifully, but it looks great on the plate. Choose a long, thin gammon joint rather than a wide, fat piece as this will be easier to stuff. You’ll need cheesecloth and butcher’s string for this recipe. The glaze is less traditional (and optional) but will give the ham a nice finish.

Maryland stuffed ham

Roast dinner side dishes

Best ever roast potato recipes

Roast potatoes are key to a roast dinner - click on the link above to find easy recipes for goose-fat roasties, crisp schnitzel roasties, plus indulgent recipes for dauphinoise, potato gratins and mash.

Parmesan crusted parsnips

This is a delightful and different way of cooking parsnips. The thin parsnip fries are tossed in Parmesan, polenta, English mustard powder and salt and fried until crisp. A delicious side for a Sunday roast.

Roast Parsnips Recipe With Parmesan Crust

Gruyere and swede gratin

Our epic side dish is a meal in itself, and makes any Sunday roast extra indulgent. Serve this gratin on the side of your Sunday dinner.

gruyere and swede gratin

Cauliflower and three cheese gratin

Cauliflower cheese makes any Sunday roast that bit more indulgent. This cauliflower and three-cheese gratin is the ultimate comfort food and a must-have side dish.

cauliflower three cheese gratin

Baby carrots with citrus

A great way to jazz-up carrots for your Sunday roast. Clementines add a festive touch, and lemon lifts the whole dish. Roasted whole baby carrots look beautiful, and feel that little bit more special than ‘carrot coins’.

citrus carrots

Now, what's for pudding?? Save room for one of our indulgent dessert recipes

The perfect way to finish Sunday roast is with a really indulgent dessert or a comforting pudding. Try our recipes for bread and butter pudding, sticky toffee pudding and more.

Pain au choc bread and butter pudding

Or why not go all out and indulge in one of our best cheesecake recipes.

Eton Mess Cheesecake

Better still, follow your Sunday roast with a classic British pudding: crumble! Here are our crumble recipes.

Sloe gin and plum crumble