Fall-apart vindaloo with red onion mint chutney

Best ever Indian recipes

From fragrant curries to tandoori burgers, this recipe collection contains olive's best ever Indian dishes. Choose from potato and cauliflower curry, spicy tomato rasam soup, and chettinad chicken

Vegetable and paneer dum biryani

This veggie biryani from The Curry Guy, Dan Toombs, is great served on special occasions – lift the lid at the table and enjoy the fantastic aroma as the steam fills the room.

Vegetable and paneer dum biryani

Baked onion bhajis

Who doesn’t love an onion bhaji when they go out for a curry? Make your own healthier version, with this recipe from The Curry Guy, Dan Toombs.

Baked onion bhajis

Pork balchao

Balchao is a classic in most Goan homes. Often made with prawns, this pork version is divine. Cooked with chilli, vinegar and black pepper, the resultant balchao has a rich consistency, with the spiced gravy clinging to the pork.

Pork Balchao Recipe

Kombdi masala

Try this hearty curry that uses classic spices synonymous with west India for a lively entertaining dish.

Kombdi Masala Curry Recipe

Indian stir-fried prawns

Stir fragrant spices with juicy king prawns and sweet peppers for a protein-packed midweek meal ready in under half an hour.

A silver wok is filled with prawns, chopped peppers and green vegetables

Bombay samosas

Check out our Bombay-style samosas. We cook the veg in water rather than frying them to make a lighter version of the classic samosa, ideal for healthy dinner party snacks.

Bombay Samosa Recipe

Duck samosas

Check out our impressive samosa recipe packed with tender duck, wrapped in super flaky pastry and served with a fresh coriander chutney.

Samosa Recipe with Duck

Brinjal pickle

Try this classic Indian condiment packed with plenty of spice and a slight sweet hit for a great addition to any curry.

Brinjal Pickle (Aubergines) Recipe

BBQ butter chicken wings

Check out these super succulent, creamy BBQ butter chicken wings from chef Karam Sethi at Indian restaurant, Brigadiers.

Buttered Chicken Wings Recipe

Achari paneer tikka

Check out this paneer tikka from chef Karam Sethi at new Indian restaurant, Brigadiers, a great vegetarian entertaining dish.

Achari Paneer Tikka Recipe

Afghani lamb kebab skewer

Check out this flavoursome lamb kebab recipe with fiery cucumber chutney. These impressive lamb skewers are from chef Karam Sethi at new Indian restaurant, Brigadiers.

Lamb Kebab Skewers Recipe

Brigadier house dal

Check out this authentic dal recipe from chef Karam Sethi at Indian restaurant, Brigadiers for an impressive vegetarian entertaining idea.

Easy Dal Recipe with Yellow Lentils

Chicken tikka burritos

Check out our quick and easy burrito recipe with tikka-marinated chicken. Serve this simple recipe with ready made rice, a simple homemade yogurt dip and warmed rotis.

Indian Burrito Recipe

Prawn caldine

Check out this quick and easy Indian curry recipe packed with juicy prawns, creamy coconut milk and crunchy green beans. This light, fragrant Indian curry originates from Goa.

Prawn Caldine Curry Recipe

Potato and cauliflower curry

Great veggie curry. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, try this fast and easy spicy dish, ready in about 30 minutes. Bulk it up with basmati rice or naan breads.

Tandoori pork burgers with tomato and coriander raita

Spice up your burgers with Tandoori curry paste and serve with cooling yoghurt and warm naans for a quick and easy Indian-inspired dinner for four.

Lamb shank and chestnut curry with parsnip mash

An Indian twist on an English classic: roasted chestnuts and lamb shank’s are spiced with chilli powder, coriander and garam masala; served on the side of spinach and parsnip mash.

Spicy tomato rasam soup

Chilli lovers will go crazy for this South Indian soup spiced with dried red chilli, fresh green chilli and mustard seeds. Serve with warm naan bread.

Chicken jalfrezi

Made with cheap chicken thigh fillets and a made-from-scratch spice blend, this easy, good-value curry is best served with basmati rice and naan.

Coconut pollock with dahl

Pollock makes a great more sustainable alternative to cod and it really works in this easy Southern Indian style coconut curry. The dahl can also be eaten on its own for a spicy vegetarian main.

Indian scrambled egg with paratha

Whip up Indian-style scrambled eggs to make a healthy, filling meal for two. Make it spicy with chilli and scatter with coriander for a twist on a favourite.

Fall-apart vindaloo with red onion mint chutney

If you love curry, you’ll love this vindaloo. Originating from Goa, our version is easy, made with pork and full of authentic spices. Serve with rice and homemade mint chutney at a dinner party for friends.

Tamarind prawn curry

Prawn curry in under half an hour, even when you make your own spice paste. Add tamarind and coconut milk for flavour and serve with rice and chapatis.

Roasted duck, bhel puri salad and coconut relish

Pair roasted duck breasts with an Indian street food-inspired salad instead of ordering a takeaway. With a coconut relish on the side this is a dish to impress while still being easy to create.

Sesame seed encrusted naan

Follow our best naan recipe and make your own from scratch. The ideal accompaniment to any curry dish, this naan is kicked up a notch with the crunch of sesame seed.

Chettinad chicken

A fiery curry from Southern India: the marinating takes time but the recipe is quick to prepare and cook. Friends who are fans of any hot chicken curry will love this. Serve with rice or naan alongside.

Keralan runner bean curry

New idea for a vegetarian curry using runner beans. These often-overlooked veg make a tasty, spicy dish and work well with Indian spices and coconut milk.

West Indian curried mutton

Mutton is just lamb which is two years old or more so requires slow cooking to become tender. It has a slightly stronger flavour than lamb which stands up well to West Indian spices like cinnamon, cloves and allspice in this easy curry.

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