Best ever 20 minute recipes

We all need inspiration when it comes to easy, quick-fix dinner ideas. Let olive help you! Presenting 11 recipes all ready in 20 minutes, including delicious vegetarian ideas (shroom burger and kale tortilla); fragrant Asian dishes (fiery fish soup, chicken salad and Japanese udon curry); and twists on classics (paprika stroganoff, super green salad and sticky stir fry)

Green bean, orange and tapenade salad

Ready in 20 minutes this simple salad from 26 Grains in Covent Garden is packed with crunchy green beans, juicy oranges and homemade tapenade.

Green Bean Salad Recipe with Orange and Tapenade

Chilli spinach noodles with sesame dressing

This dish of chilli spinach noodles with sesame dressing is a quick an easy recipe to make for a healthy midweek meal. It’s ready in just 20 minutes and is under 500 calories.

Pork and mushroom stroganoff

This tasty paprika-spiced Hungarian stroganoff takes only 20 minutes to make, is cooked in one pot and is best served with wild rice on the side.

Green goddess salad

Feelgood food at its best in a quinoa, pea and avocado salad: add watercress for a peppery kick, crispy bacon for saltiness. Drizzle with dressing and enjoy.

Hot-and-sour fish soup

This quick and easy Asian-inspired hot-and-sour fish soup is full of big flavours like ginger, chilli and lemongrass but is ready in just 20 minutes.

Chicken curry udon

A good Japanese-style chicken curry. Made with udon noodles and mild curry paste, it’s healthy, comforting and easy. Made to share, it’s the best midweek meal for two.

Double shroom burger

This ever-popular shroom burger, with its smoky, charred, flat-mushroom filling, is rarely off the menu at Steak & Honour. The perfect vegetarian option for parties and barbecues.

Asian chicken salad

Super fast and easy salad. This simple recipe packs a punch for cooked chicken with a hot dressing and fresh herbs, mint and basil to make a quick meal for two.

Tamarind prawn curry

Prawn curry in under half an hour, even when you make your own spice paste. Add tamarind and coconut milk for flavour and serve with rice and chapatis.

Kale and feta tortilla

Tortilla is our go-to easy meal. Eggs are cheap and convenient, we always have some at home, and paired with leafy green kale and feta this is a fast, effortless recipe for two. Serve with salad or bread.


Sticky pork and mangetout stir-fry

Pork, noodles, mangetout: the three main ingredients for this quick and easy stir-fry. Spice it up with sweet chilli sauce to serve and tuck in for a fast midweek meal for two.