Nduja Paste jar

What is ‘nduja and where can you buy it?

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Discover what 'nduja is, where to shop for it, and how to use it in our ingredient glossary

What is ‘nduja?

‘Nduja is spicy, spreadable sausage from southern Italy. It’s made from pork, fat, herbs, spices and local Calabrian chillies, which give the sausage its heat and dark red colour. It doesn’t require cooking and is often spread on toast, mixed into sauces and stews to add flavour, and used as a pizza topping.


Where to buy ‘nduja

‘Nduja Paste, £4/90g, Waitrose

Natoora ‘nduja £3.99/100g, Ocado

‘Nduja Spicy Spreadable Salami, £13.85/180g, Amazon

‘Nduja recipes

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Lift a bowl of mussels with punchy ‘nduja and the light aniseed flavour of fennel seeds.

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Grilled scallops with ’nduja butter

Start your dinner with a bang and serve these flavour-packed, spicy scallops in their shells.

Grilled Scallops Recipe with ’Nduja Butter

’Nduja-fried sprouts

’Nduja adds a touch of fiery spice in this easy brussels sprouts recipe, ready in 30 minutes.

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