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olive wine supermarket awards 2020

From midweek winners to left-field discoveries, we’re celebrating the brilliant (and bargain!) bottles you can find only in the supermarkets

Looking for the best supermarket wine? Want to know which Lidl wine to buy? Read on for the best bottles, from English sparkling wine to Greek wine…


We’re thrilled to announce the results of the olive wine awards 2020. The olive team chose 23 categories for own-brand and retailer-exclusive supermarket wines, covering different grape varietals, styles and price points. The supermarkets were invited to enter one wine per category (so they had to choose carefully). Every wine was blind-tasted by a panel of olive judges (led by olive wine columnist, drinks author and sommelier Kate Hawkings) and we awarded gold, silver and bronze winners. In some categories, where the standard was high, we awarded joint winners. So if you see those labels on your next shop – trust in us. These bottles are brilliant!

Best supermarket red wine

Looking for the best supermarket red wine? Discover our winning bottles, from malbec to pinot noir, plus our recipe ideas for food pairings.

Five bottles of red wine

Best supermarket white wine

Want to know which white wine won the taste test? Discover our favourite bottles including sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot grigio and more.

Five bottles of white wine

Best supermarket rosé and orange wine

Looking for a bottle of rosé or unusual orange wine? Discover our the best orange and rosé wines we tried in this unique category.

Five bottles of rose wine

Best supermarket champagne

Looking for the best supermarket champagne? Discover which of the supermarkets put forward the best champagnes for our taste test.

Champagne Delacourt Vintage Brut

Best supermarket prosecco

Want to get a great-value bottle of prosecco? Check out the winning prosecco bottles for a special occasion.


Best supermarket sparkling wine

Looking for the best English sparkling wine to impress? Here are the winners of this new, exciting category.

A bottle of prosecco with a black label

Best supermarket port

Looking for the best supermarket port? Check out our winning ports, including budget options.

Tawny Port bottle

Best supermarket sherry

Whether you prefer it dry or sweet, we have the pick of the best sherries from the supermarkets.

Three bottles of sherry