Best supermarket prosecco

Looking for the best supermarket wine? Discover our favourite proseccos for a special occasion.

Looking for the best supermarket prosecco? Want to know which prosecco to buy? Read on for the best bottles from a variety of price points, then check out our best prosecco cocktails.


Best supermarket prosecco

Gold: Asda Extra Special Prosecco Asolo Brut DOCG, £8

Expect warm apricot fruit, kept crisp and fresh with zingy mineral notes.

Silver: M&S Classics Prosecco, £8

Classic prosecco flavours of pear, green apple and citrus, along with notes of buttered toast.

Perfect pairing: A sliver of parmesan


Bronze: Aldi Specially Selected Prosecco DOCG, £6.99

Bright, fresh bubbles; floral and peachy, but not too sweet.