Christmas Gin Recipe With Clementine, Ginger And Bay on a snow covered table with pine cones and clementine segments

7 Christmas gins to try

Check out our favourite festive gins to try this Christmas, plus a Christmas gin recipe to make at home

Want to try a Christmas gin? Looking for a Christmas gift for gin lovers? We’ve found the best spiced gins to buy for Christmas including our homemade Christmas gin recipe


Best Christmas gins to buy

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Four Pillars Christmas Gin, £51.97/70cl, Amazon

A blend of gin distilled with Christmas puddings and gin aged in scotch whisky barrels – plus a touch of muscat – results in a festive spirit that will warm your cockles on cold nights.

Botanicals: Christmas pudding, juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander, angelica, muscat.

Perfect pairing: One to sip neat, preferably in front of the fire.

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Four Pillars festive gin

Boatyard Old Tom Gin, £45.20/70cl, Amazon

A beautifully packaged, cask-aged Irish gin that comes flavoured with Fermanagh honey. This comes through on the nose and palate, as do notes of hay, cocoa, vanilla and spice.

Botanicals: Juniper, coriander, honey, angelica, lemon, grains of paradise, sweet gale.

Perfect pairing: Sip on its own, or try it in a martini.

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Boatyard Old Tom Gin

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin, £26/70cl, Amazon

This fragrant number packs in lots of juicy citrus – with dryness from Sicilian blood oranges that pairs well with the gin, and subtle notes of orange peel and pepper

Botanicals: Juniper, orange, lemon, orris bark, coriander seed, angelica root, blood orange extract

Perfect pairing: Enjoy in a G&T with fresh slices of orange, or try it with fresh grapefruit juice and lime for a zesty paloma.

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Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin

OPIHR European Edition, £26.95, Master of Malt

OPIHR is one of olive’s go-to spiced gins and it has released new expressions that celebrate three different regions of the world – from Europe and Arabia to the Far East. Its European edition, wonderfully soft on the palate, is a warming, subtly savoury affair with woody, earthy spice.

Botanicals: cascarilla bark and myrrh

Perfect pairing: try mixing with Campari and sweet red vermouth for a spiced take on a negroni

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Opihr Gin European Blend Bottle

Pickering’s Original 1947 Gin, £28.75/70cl, Master of Malt

Made using an old family recipe written in Bombay in 1947, this is a super-powered spiced gin with notes of cloves, cinnamon, anise and cardamom, and some subtle citrus. Soft, and almost creamy on the palate, with background sweetness and a long finish.

Botanicals:  Juniper, cardamom, coriander, fennel, anise, lemon, lime and cloves.

Perfect pairing: Garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

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Pickering’s Original 1947 Gin

Slingsby Marmalade Gin, £36.95/70cl, The Whisky Exchange

This brand produces some of the best flavoured gins (try the rhubarb and gooseberry varieties) and its latest release uses Yorkshire marmalade to create a gin with well-balanced sweetness and fragrant tangerine-like orange notes.

Botanicals: Yorkshire marmalade, green and jasmine tea, seven sea rosemary, silver posie thyme, citrus thyme, thyme, rhubarb, sage, lovage, chervil, hyssop, primrose, sweet cicely, oregano, nettle, milk thistle, heather, rosehip, juniper, angelica, cassia, orris, grapefruit, coriander seed and liquorice

Perfect pairing: Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water and a twist of orange peel 

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Slingsby Marmalade Gin Bottle

M&S London distilled dry gin No 1 spice

With coriander on the nose and black pepper and spices to taste, this subtle gin is a must-have addition to your booze cupboard.

Botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, rosemary, ginger and savoury

Perfect pairing: Try it with hot orange juice, honey and a stick of cinnamon for a warming festive beverage

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Darnley’s Spiced Gin, £33.95/70cl, The Whisky Exchange

One for those who can find some spiced gins a little overpowering, this Scottish number has a subtle, restrained spice that’s balanced by juniper, with a lingering, peppery finish.

Botanicals: Juniper, cloves, grains of paradise and ginger.

Perfect pairing: Drink with ginger ale.

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Darnley’s Spiced Gin

Want to try the best pink gins?

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Flavours include:

  • Pinot noir gin
  • Pink grapefruit gin
  • Rhuabrb gin

Four bottles of pink gin lined up in a row

LoneWolf Gunpowder Gin, £25, BrewDog

With heady citrus and piney aromas this punchy spiced gin (clocking in at 57% ABV) packs in masses of peppery spice thanks to botanicals of black, pink and szechuan peppercorns, as well as aromatic anise notes.

Botanicals: star anise, black peppercorn, pink peppercorn, szechuan peppercorn, juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris, dill seed, thai lemongrass, Scots pine needles, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, bitter orange peel, green cardamom and lavender

Perfect pairing: its smooth mouthfeel means you could sip it neat, or serve with tonic water and orange peel

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BrewDog Gunpowder Gin Black Bottle

Make our Christmas gin recipe here

Infuse your own gin with festive flavours (clementine, ginger and bay), wrap it up nice and give it to a special someone this Christmas. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that’s really easy to make.

Christmas Gin Recipe With Clementine, Ginger And Bay on a snow covered table with pine cones and clementine segments