• Small, sleek design, quiet, affordable, great espresso


  • Single-button control so you must stop it at your preferred quantity, small water tank

Lavazza Jolie coffee pod machine at first glance

There are a number of reasons why we’d buy this coffee pod machine. Firstly is the design. Soft curves and the statement handle give it undeniable style. The second is its size. Just 21cm high and 33cm deep, it doesn't hog the kitchen countertop and is suitable for small kitchens.


Next is the price; hovering under the £80 mark (and often discounted) it’s one of the most affordable coffee pod machines, helped in part by the fact that it’s been around for a couple of years.

You do, however, forfeit some of the bells and whistles of more expensive machines. Espresso and lungo functions are on offer but are controlled by a single button, so watching the brew and stopping it at the desired amount is really important.

The drip tray is single-height specifically for espresso cups, but removable for standard-sized mugs, so your favourite coffee mug can be accommodated. And really, these ‘forfeits’ don’t feel like a faff to navigate.

How easy is the Lavazza Jolie coffee pod machine to use?

This machine is only 21cm high so fits under the lowest kitchen cupboard and doesn’t have to be pulled out from beneath cupboards for the 600ml water tank to be refilled.

We flushed a full tank through to rinse the machine as per the instruction manual and quick-guide in the box. A warranty sheet is also included.

Once plugged in and the power button selected, its light will blink while its warming cycle starts and sits steady once finished. Stand-by happens after nine minutes of no use.

Brewing begins once the power button is pressed. Left to its own devices, the Jolie will dispense a lungo quantity before stopping after 90 seconds, so for short coffee lovers, you need to manually stop the machine by pressing the button again.

The machine recommends a weekly dispenser clean which involves running a mock espresso without a pod. Warning, the majority of water gets released into the internal pod bin. This lies behind the drip tray which pulls out.


We stopped the espresso shot when it reached the traditional quantity of 25ml which took roughly 30 seconds. It was richly dark and topped with an impressive crema. When left to run for the full 90 seconds, the Lungo also had a crema but was the perfect quantity for a small coffee cup.

The light blinks when either the water tank is empty or the pod bin is full which is a useful touch.

olive's take: should you buy the Lavazza Jolie coffee pod machine?

This is the perfect option for anyone looking for an affordable, small coffee pod machine for making great-quality espresso. It’s also available in a variety of colours so pick the best for your kitchen space. For best results, use with the Lavazza Eco-caps, £4.40 for a pack of 16,

Lavazza Jolie specifications:

Pods: Lavazza
Pump: 10 bar
Wattage: 1250W
Cord length: 80cm
Water tank: 600ml
Drip tray: single-height but removable
Coffee functions: espresso and lungo
Power save mode: Automatic shut-off after nine minutes
Dimensions: 12cm x 21cm x 33cm

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