Best ever 10 minute recipes

Cooking doesn't need to be a lengthy, difficult process. We have over ten delicious recipes that can be on the table in just ten minutes. With shortcuts and handy tricks, we've adapted classic recipes for those who need speedy dinners

Ten-minute prawn tacos

Fill tortillas with punchy stir-fried prawns and a chopped tomato and coriander salad to make the speediest midweek tacos ready in just 10 minutes! Check out more of our taco recipes here.

Prawn Tacos Recipe

Angel hair pasta with lobster

Angel hair pasta makes a light base for lobster. Lobster tails are really good value, though if you have access to whole lobster add the claw meat to the recipe as well.

Beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is a comforting midweek meal. This version is super quick and easy – on the table in just 10 minutes – perfect if there’s just two of you. If you usually serve this with rice, try it with pappardelle.

Smoked mackerel on rye with horseradish cream and pickled radish

This recipe for smoked mackerel on rye with horseradish cream and pickled radish makes for a great lunch or lighter dinner for one. The horseradish gives it a punchy kick.

Ham with tarragon and parsley sauce

The best comfort food. Thick slices of delicious cooked ham, covered in a rich and creamy herb sauce is the perfect midweek meal – with potatoes on the side, of course.

Penne with chopped puttanesca sauce

Penne pasta makes an easy midweek meal, and this healthy, raw tomato sauce makes it even quicker. With added olives, capers, garlic and chilli, it’s fresh and full of flavour.

Courgette, chilli and mint pizzas

Really quick and easy pizza made with readymade flatbreads, topped with mozzarella and ribbons of courgette for the best quickly assembled midweek meal.

Pork saltimbocca

Saltimbocca is Italian for ‘jumps in the mouth’. Veal is the usual ingredient, but you can also make it using chicken or pork, as we have here. The slices of ham help to keep the pork from drying out.

Halloumi with caper, lemon and chilli dressing

This halloumi salad with caper, lemon and chilli dressing makes a great midweek meal, and, thanks to the mixed grains, is filling too. Plus, it’s on the table in just 10 minutes.

Rigatoni with Parma ham and tomatoes

This quick and easy Parma ham pasta dish is perfect for an midweek supper. Any leftovers can be taken for lunch the next day. Prosciutto can be used instead if you can’t find Parma ham.

Ultimate grilled reuben sandwich

This our ultimate version of a New York favourite. In just 10 minutes you can be enjoying that salty beef, tangy sauerkraut and melting cheese – perfect for an indulgent supper for one.

Moroccan prawn rice bowl

This recipe for 10-minute Moroccan prawn rice bowl delivers big flavours in no time AND it’s under 500 calories, making it perfect for a mid-week meal.

Beef and black bean stir-fry

This 10-minute beef and black bean stir-fry is the ideal midweek meal. It’s super speedy, under 300 calories, and packed full of flavour. It’s also great for when you want to be a bit healthier and ditch your usual take-away

Prawn curry

This 10-minute prawn curry is super easy to make and, yep, ready in just 10 minutes – perfect for a speedy midweek meal. Just give a ready-made paste a lift with a kick of fresh ginger and garlic and you have an (almost) instant curry.

Ricotta toast with kale and cherry tomatoes

This recipe for ricotta toast with kale and cherry tomatoes makes a great 10-minute meal for 1. It’s veggie and low cal, so ticks a lot of the midweek boxes

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