Chinese Chicken Noodle Broth Recipe

Chinese chicken noodle broth

  • serves 2
  • Easy

If you love the bowls of Asian soup noodles you now find in restaurants on every high street, you’ll be thrilled to discover how easy they are to make at home. This Chinese chicken noodle broth is a great way of using up leftover roast chicken


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  • chicken stock fresh, cube or concentrate made up to 600ml
  • soy sauce 2 tbsp
  • sesame oil 1 tbsp
  • fine egg thread noodles 50g
  • shiitake mushrooms 100g, halved
  • cooked chicken breast 2, skinless and shredded
  • young spinach 50g
  • red chilli 1, seeded and shredded


  • Step 1

    Heat the stock, soy sauce and sesame oil in a saucepan and cook the noodles and mushrooms in the stock for 2 minutes. Add the chicken and spinach and heat through for a few more minutes. Ladle the broth into bowls, scatter with chilli and serve.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 423
  • Fat 14.6g
  • Saturates 2.4g
  • Carbs 21.7g
  • Fibre 1.9g
  • Protein 53g
  • Salt 4.72g